Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Holy crap, it's cold as hell outside!!

I hate the cold weather.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like living in a part of our country that has a temperate climate, but shit, it ain't even December yet, give me a frickin' break, willya!?

Of course, half of the kids at school didn't have anything close to appropriate outerwear to play outside--and yes, they were outside today-the principal didn't seem to think that it was too cold (I think that the quote of the day was "they need to run and play"), but, then again, she didn't have to stand on the playground for 30 minutes in the cold Northeastern wind, either...

You'd think that their parents/guardians would have made sure that they were warm, but maybe that's just how I'd think, I guess....

On another front, my best friend and her husband are seperating after 5 years of marriage. It's hard to hear, because I hate to hear my friend's pain, and they also have a 3 year old daughter. I think that her husband's being an asshole, though-she's successful in her career and she's the go-getter type, and I think that he's really jealous. Of course, he's not jealous of the substantially large (larger than his) paycheck she brings home, which lets them have the nice $450k house, the vacations two and three times a year and the nice car. No, of course not! But, then he turns around and tells my friend that he thought that he was marrying a "wife and mother, not a career woman"--what the FUCK!? And, this from a 31 year old man! It's obvious that his mother was not the feminist type (ya think!?) but, really, how ridiculous is that?

He's a total ass. Maybe she's better off, who knows. Nobody wants their marriage to fail, though. It's all so fucking complicated. Makes me long for the days when we could worry over trivial things like whether or not this boy liked you, or what to get at the mall......

There's no doubt that my life ain't perfect, but I'm lucky that I've got someone in my life who likes and respects me for who I am, and doesn't want me to change in any way. Even if, God forbid, we can't have our own children (hopefully we will, but who knows whether we'll ever get off the island of infertility safe and sound), we still have each other. When I first found out that I was the one with the fertility issues, and I was so upset and depressed (well, more so than I am normally, I guess) he told me that he didn't marry me just because he wanted children, he married me because he loved me and wanted to be with me, and any kids would be an added blessing in our lives--what a sweetie, huh?

Time to go and snuggle in with the hubby, and let him know that he's appreciated and loved.