Monday, July 30, 2007

And The Shit Keeps Rolling Downhill

It looks as if August isn't going to be the month for an IVF cycle.

I called the RE's office last week to leave a message that I was at the lovely CD#1, but the nurse was out for the day, so I left a message. The next morning my IVF coordinator called me back and told me that my IVF checklist wasn't completed yet-I still had to do a physical, get my PAP results in and do a buttload of bloodwork. WTF? I already did the frickin' bloodwork and my gyno was supposed to forward the PAP results. So, the coordinator called LapCorp (which I DETEST) to see where the bloodwork was, while I called the gyno's office to see what was up.

LapCorp lost it. They don't even have a record that we were there. The gyno's office also doesn't have a record of the fax I sent, so I had to resend it. Again.

Motherfuckers. I hope they all get crabs.

So, guess who had to redo bloodwork that will apparently take 2-4 weeks? Yup. The coordinator was supposed to fax me the request form "right away" so we could do the bloodwork on Friday (Sean had a half day from work), but "right away" turned out to be at 3:15pm, and of course the lab closes as 3pm, so we had to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to get blood drawn. Oh, yeah-they also added some other tests to it, so I was having blood drawn for CMV, TSH, karyotyping and Fragile X (DNA). So, now I'm freaking out thinking that they're going to find some wacky genetic disorder and then we're screwed, because PGD isn't covered by insurance (as far as I know), and we don't have about $8,000 for it......

Hopefully it won't take 2-4 weeks. The intake person at the lab said that it should only take about a week, regardless of what the tests are, but the RE's office says it takes that long. So, in the meantime, I wait. Which it seems that I'm really really good at. And which will also put me squarely into September for an IVF cycle-right at the beginning of the school year. Just fucking brilliant.

Anyone want to take bets that perhaps this cycle isn't the best of ideas?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Guess That Haircut Has To Wait

BFN today, 12 DPO

I probably didn't even need to test, really, since I've been spotting brown since yesterday.

Ah, well-I guess it's on to Syringeville next month.....

Friday, July 20, 2007

To Pee, Or Not To Pee?

"To pee, or not to pee, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the bladder to suffer
The emptying of urine without testing,
Or to use sticks against a tide of unsurety,

And by peeing, end them. To pee, to know;
The answer; and by peeing to say we end
the heart-ache and endless obsessing
That we infertiles are heiresses to-'tis an all-consuming

Desire to be had. To pee, to know;
To pee, perchance to dream. Ay, there's the rub;
For in using that HPT we can confirm what dreams may come...."
*shamelessly raped from Hamlet, Act III

I'm going back and forth between obsessing over the last Harry Potter book and obsessing over whether or not to POAS-on the very last stick I have in the house, as a matter of fact. Since I can't afford to get any more pee-sticks, I'm trying to hold out as long as possible, but today's temptation is tough. I mean, it really IS too early, right? RIGHT?

Help me out here, people.

Let's obsess over potential signs and symptoms, shall we?

Spotting and cramping on 8dpo (and some residual today)? Check.
Ever-so-slightly-sore boobs? Check.
Frequent peeing? Check (although it just might be due to the amount of water I'm chugging down).
Sudden hunger pangs? Check.
Bloated a tiny bit? Check.
Can't stay up past 10pm? Check.

It could be PMS, but it could also be a BFP.

God, I loathe progesterone-it's the ultimate mind fuck.

Unless,of course, I really am the P word (I refuse to say it, I won't!).....then it could be my Bestest Friend in the World.

I'm still prepping for the call to the RE next week to start the Poonanny Circus that will come to be known as "IVF#4" . If things work the way they should (because let's face it-me getting "P" on a natural cycle is akin to pigs suddenly taking flight), you, my lucky friends, will get a chance to enter the "name my next IVF cycle" contest that I'm planning. The winner will get their slogan duly noted for posterity.

Hey, you've got to make SOMETHING about this crap fun where you can, right?

Totally Necessary Disclaimer: Okay, I freely admit-my iambic pentameter's not perfect, so if there are any English or Lit instructors out there, please please don't crucify me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Verdict, and Other Items of a Personal Nature

So, did I like the movie, you asked?

Well......after seeing it a total of twice already (once with the loverly Shelli, and once with Sean), I have to say that I really did like it. Granted, there's a lot that's left out of the movie that is in the book, but I kind of expected that-it IS difficult to fit an 800+ page novel into a two hour and twenty minute movie. But.........I thought it was very well acted (you can see how, with age, the main characters have matured in their craft), was fast paced, and had a kick-ass final scene. Sean, who has never read the books (blasphemer!) remarked after seeing it that it left him wanting more, and I guess, in that regard, the movie succeeded. He also said that it was confusing to him in the sense that you didn't know what was going on specifically, but I assured him that the book was very much the same. The novel is a psychological/psychic mind screwing, really, so the movie does give you that slight paranoid feeling which is paralleled in the books.

So, yeah, I did like it. A lot. And now, we wait for the last novel.....


In Poonanny-related news, I am at 8DPO of what is probably the last cycle trying on our own before IVF#4.
I think we did pretty well in terms of doing the sexy time on the correct days (with help from that handy-dandy Fertility Monitor). I'm feeling good (and lost 5 pounds to boot-yay!), but, of course, I just HAVE to have spotting and cramping today (the spotting is gone now, but I'm still slightly crampy)-I mean, why should I have a normal luteal phase like anyone else? Other than that, it's just the normal "am I or aren't I" obsessing over potential signs and symptoms that is par for the course at this point.

I had a haircut and color done today, and, whilst talking to my hairdresser about cutting off my hair, which comes up every now and then, I saw this FABULOUS haircut and color on a mannequin:

No, I didn't do it (although I was tempted to), but I made a deal with my hairdresser (who is in on my Infertility Adventure):

If I get knocked up, he can cut my hair in this exact style. No questions asked.

So, people-let's hope I get a makeover, STAT.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's here!!!! I'm so excited I could wet my panties!!!


Well, opens tomorrow. However, Shelli and I will be watching the 12:01am showing in Midtown.........and I get to have dinner and a sleepover too-WOOOOOOTTTT!!!

All this AND I got a "peak" on my monitor for the past two days............I just can't STAND all the excitement! Ah needs someone to pass me thuh vapors *fanning myself furiously whilst lying on a chaise in a gauzy dress trimmed with maribou feathers*

14 and a half more hours to go......