Thursday, April 01, 2010

We Now Take You To Our Previously Scheduled Programming, Already In Progress…

Hey there.

Remember me?

I know that it's been a fair bit of time (and who knows if you all are even out there anymore), and it's been a hiatus here, but hey, hanging on by your fingernails while you're playing the game of Life can tend to be a bit exhausting. I'm sure that you can understand.

I'll post in more detail later on the following, but here's a very brief synopsis of the last (almost) six months:

Mom had a rough road with a few major setbacks, but is home, talking, kicking ass with her therapies and will hopefully, soon, be able to stand. We've been going there about every other weekend or so, and we can see the improvements (like last weekend, when she used a fork for the first time by herself). It's amazing how, when watching someone "relearn" the most basic of functions, we take those things for granted.

My brother and his wife are are due in May. A boy. Which, in an Italian family, is the equivalent of standing on your head and farting gold bars. Needless to say, we haven't really been talking much. The shower is later this month and I'm not involved (wasn't asked, I just got an invitation like everyone else), and not sure if I even want to go.

My job kept me somewhat sane, and VERY busy, until about two weeks ago, when the governor decided to release a Sopranos-style vendetta on the teacher's union (who refused to endorse him...wonder why?). He's decided, since the NJ is in such financial crisis, to withhold state aid equal to 5% of every school district's operating budget. Which, in most suburban districts, is ALL of the state aid. Which means budget cuts......and the cutting of my position down to part-time. No benefits, and half my salary cut. Lovely.

Sean's okay. We have our moments when we want to rip each others eyes out with a spork, but we're here.

Oh, yeah....I'm still infertile. Haven't met with Dr. Pipsqueak in awhile (although she called back in January to see how we were doing), but BIC recommends another go at IVF, this time using PGD. They feel as if it's the missing puzzle piece. But, with my job what it is.....we're not sure handing over five grand right now is a "wise investment choice".

There are days that I'm okay, and days that I'm really not (those are the days that I just want to get in my car and drive until I can't anymore). Mostly, I'm just numb, and trying to make it through the day without losing my marbles altogether. One more day closer to my clock shutting down completely, and maybe then the constant feeling of being miserable will start to fade away.

So, I'm back.....I think. How have YOU been?