Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Verdict, and Other Items of a Personal Nature

So, did I like the movie, you asked?

Well......after seeing it a total of twice already (once with the loverly Shelli, and once with Sean), I have to say that I really did like it. Granted, there's a lot that's left out of the movie that is in the book, but I kind of expected that-it IS difficult to fit an 800+ page novel into a two hour and twenty minute movie. But.........I thought it was very well acted (you can see how, with age, the main characters have matured in their craft), was fast paced, and had a kick-ass final scene. Sean, who has never read the books (blasphemer!) remarked after seeing it that it left him wanting more, and I guess, in that regard, the movie succeeded. He also said that it was confusing to him in the sense that you didn't know what was going on specifically, but I assured him that the book was very much the same. The novel is a psychological/psychic mind screwing, really, so the movie does give you that slight paranoid feeling which is paralleled in the books.

So, yeah, I did like it. A lot. And now, we wait for the last novel.....


In Poonanny-related news, I am at 8DPO of what is probably the last cycle trying on our own before IVF#4.
I think we did pretty well in terms of doing the sexy time on the correct days (with help from that handy-dandy Fertility Monitor). I'm feeling good (and lost 5 pounds to boot-yay!), but, of course, I just HAVE to have spotting and cramping today (the spotting is gone now, but I'm still slightly crampy)-I mean, why should I have a normal luteal phase like anyone else? Other than that, it's just the normal "am I or aren't I" obsessing over potential signs and symptoms that is par for the course at this point.

I had a haircut and color done today, and, whilst talking to my hairdresser about cutting off my hair, which comes up every now and then, I saw this FABULOUS haircut and color on a mannequin:

No, I didn't do it (although I was tempted to), but I made a deal with my hairdresser (who is in on my Infertility Adventure):

If I get knocked up, he can cut my hair in this exact style. No questions asked.

So, people-let's hope I get a makeover, STAT.


Shelli said...

OMG, I would LURVE to see your hair like that - it would SOOOOO be faboo!

And for all of the right reasons.

So you saw it again, hmmmm?


M said...

I love the hair-do...and so hope you are sportin' it very soon. ;)

squarepeg said...

oooohhhhh I love that hairstyle! If I didn't have curly hair I'd go out and get it now too.

I hope that you get it. I really, really REALLY hope that you get it ;)

tryingin2007 said...

I'm sportin' that same do at the moment. it doesn't look so hot though in the humid weather.