Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, it's Cycle Day 1. Again.

I had to call Big Important Clinic today to let the on-call nurse that dear Auntie is here for a visit. I talked to a very nice nursey and gave her the goods, and she told me that (since we're still working on our "checklist" ie. bloodwork, saline sonohystogram, etc) I need to come in on Tuesday for Cycle Day 3 bloodwork, as a baseline. Whoopee-the sticking has begun. At least it's one-stop shopping for the bloodletting and the wanding.

I also have to call Dr. Petite's admin to schedule the saline sonohystogram. Hopefully we can squeeze it in (no pun intended there) before we leave for vacation.......otherwise, it's gonna seriously suck ass.

Seven days...................

Heh......I just felt like that freaky dead girl in "The Ring".

Seriously, though-I can't wait. I had to sing the whole of Palm Sunday weekend (5 masses), which is exhausting. This week coming up is Holy (Hell) Week-we have a huge rehearsal tomorrow night, a cantor rehearsal on Wednesday, then we're singing for Maundy Thursday, two services on Good Friday (the Veneration of the Cross and then a "living" Stations of the Cross, performed by our Youth Group), then the Easter Vigil on Saturday and Easter Mass on Sunday. Not to mention that, afterwards, we're driving to Sean's uncle and aunt's house in Pennsylvania for dinner. I'm going to be mush by then.

Speaking of Easter dinner-I've volunteered to bring dessert, which will be a carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting. We went to Williams-Sonoma (LOVE that store) last week, after the consult, and saw the cutest stuff there for the holiday. They had these adorable little chicks hatching out of their shells, all make out of white chocolate.....yummy. Anyway, they had these sweet plates there, with little bunnies on them (here's a pic-you can't see it very well, but there's little paw tracks on them), and I pointed them out to Sean. He told me that he would color the paw prints brown so they look like rabbit turds. Well..........

THEN he got it into his head that he is going to make a special "dessert" for Easter dinner. He's going to make chocolate cupcakes, dye some cream-cheese frosting green and ice them, sprinke some dyed-green coconut on top to look like grass, get some little chocolate bunnies to put on top, and then...........

Get some mini-chocolate chips and put them on so it looks like the rabbit pooed and then ran away.

He's serious, folks. He's already gone out and got half the ingredients.

The sick thing is, his family would think that it was hilarious. It will be the hit of the holiday.

And I thought that MY family was fucked-up. Go figure.


Shelli said...

I'm giggling.

I KNOW I shouldn't, but um, I'm giggling.

We'd LOVE to see you soon.

hormonebitch said...

Sean would fit in PERFECTLY with my family!! We are always doing "unique" things like that!!

UtRus said...

LOL! tell Sean i would eat one of his poo-y cupcakes anytime. i approve wholeheartedly. and congrats on Auntie's arrival and hopefully a fresh start!

cat said...

lofl... that's very cute. Not only the poo but the fact that he will make the dessert and is so into it.

Good luck with your first bloodletting on Tuesday.

ilyse said...

Too funny about that dessert. Sounds like something that my dh would think of too!! LOL

Hope all went well for the cd3 stuff at the big imortant clinic.

Betty said...

Go Sean go. I think I might pinch his idea and make some too!!