Monday, August 13, 2007

Dude, Where's My Bloodwork?

In the last installment of the saga titled, "S and the Mysteriously Disappearing Test Results", a certain blood drawing center beginning with the letter "L" somehow had no record of my Offering to the Phlebotomy Gods. Which meant an instant replay of those aforementioned events. Although it was extremely annoying (and really, what isn't annoying about infertility? And why should this be any different, right?), they only needed to take 4 vials. No biggie.

Isn't it sad that I don't think that's a big deal? Or perhaps I'm just desensitized to the whole thing by now.

Anywho.....since this past Saturday marked my three week "veni-versarry", I decided to email my IVF Coordinator early Friday afternoon the following to see if they received the results yet, as well as my PAP results that the twatotologist's office neglected to send:

Hi IVF Coordinator:
I'm just following up to check and see if you've received the copy of my PAP results from Twato that I requested from them three weeks ago, and if you perhaps received back results from the bloodwork that we had re-done (also three weeks ago).
Is there anything else that we need to do, besides scheduling a physical for me? Will we need to make an appointment with Dr. Pipsqueak to go over any results of all the new tests before proceeding with a new cycle?
If you could let me know, I'd appreciate it-you can either respond via email, or call me at home: (INF) ERT-ILE1.
Thanks for your help (and hope you're staying dry today!)

And waited. And waited some more. I finally got a response (almost three and a half hours later):

To date I have received your pap results dated September 06'. I have not received your bloodwork. What lab did you go to? The only thing that will be missing is the physical exam that you can schedule with Dr. Pipsqueak's admin.

Now, did that answer all of my questions? Uh....nope. I have a sneaking suspicion that she didn't read the whole email. So, I sent this response (about a half hour later):

Sean and I both had our blood drawn at Evil Lab on July 28th. When I asked the intake person how long it would take, she said around 7-10 days...

And haven't heard a thing since. Nada. Niente.

So, what the FUCK is the deal here? As much as I love Big Important Clinic, I'm not loving my Coordinator. Every time I've had to contact her, she takes tons of time to respond. Now, I know that they're busy (when I asked her about not receiving my HSG results, she told me that she was "very busy and can't get back to everyone with test results-huh???), but when I met her for the very first time, she made a point of saying how she was ALWAYS reachable by phone or email. I have yet to call her without reaching voicemail, or email her with her responding in less than three hours.

Reachable my fat, saggy ass. So, I guess when I go for my physical, I need to get my Italian Bitch on and complain to Dr. Pipsqueak. Which I hate to do, as I don't want to seem difficult.........but TOO LATE.

So, I'm sending out a little assignment to everyone out there-be creative and guess where the hell my bloodwork is. The winner will will have their answer be the title for my next post.

So, get thinking!


Katrina said...

My guess is.....Narnia?

Anna said...

I think it's fallen though the Veil. Sirius is keeping an eye on it.

Shelli said...

It's at that train station that Dumbledore was at when he chatted up Harry.

Frank N. Beans said...

My wife grew up Catholic and whenever she can't find something she says in a singsong voice, "St. Anthony, St. Anthony, something is lost and can't be found (dramatic pause)... find my ovulation sticks (or the name of whatever she happens to be looking for)!" Then she spins around as though the object is going to magically appear. I wonder if they have tried this technique at the lab. In the meantime, stick with the Harry Potter theme... "Accio Test Results!"

topcat said...

A Cave in Afghanistan

Anita said...

I think your co-ordinator did the same thing with your paperwork as she did with your email.....she read some parts and others she didn't.

My guess is that the paperwork is in the file and she just didn't look hard enough.

Hope it all works out soon or otherwise I would be ditching her!

OHN said... are all wrong. It is in someones elses chart. You see the offices and clinics are too cheap to pay for staff with brains so your results were posted by a twit into another patients chart. Of course getting them to admit that is a whole different story.

Heather said...

Is it too late to guess?

My guess is that they are still at Evil Lab.