Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Large National Lab Blows

So, I called the IVF Coordinator today to find out where the dilly-o my blood results were. They were supposed to be in by today (according to IVF Coordinator).

Well, I called, and OF COURSE they weren't in, and she had to call Evil National Lab from Hell, who told her that they had SOME of the results ready, but the rest won't be ready until the end of the week. After they originally told her on Friday that the results would all be ready by today.

So, what the FUCK?? Does it normally take this long? It's starting to freak me out, because it's making me feel as if perhaps there is something wrong. Like they're going to find something.

Motherfuckers. May the fleas of a thousand camel infest the armpits and nether regions.

After they get the testing done, of course.......I'd hate to have fleas in my test results.


Nica said...

Your new template is WONDERFUL. Hope the test results come in SOON.

Girl Please! said...

Just found you while researching HSG because I'm terrified of the test. Good blog (and funny). Your mom sounds like mine. I'm guessing separated at birth. Or cloning of the evil empire.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

J said...

I found your blog somehow, I'm not sure how...but you're a RIOT and I love your humor. Keep up the writing! I check in every night!

I mean, I have a life, stuff to do, a job, friends...I'm not a wierdo internet freakazoid...but still, other people's lives sometimes are just more interesting!! And you rank right up there. :)

Crossing fingers for good results..

Kimmer said...

So hope it's not shitty news, thinking of you.