Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Squash and Repeat

Well, I guess I spoke too soon...

I got a letter in the mail about my boob-squashing results. Apparently, they found something "inconclusive" about my right breast, and I now need to go for a repeat mammo and ultrasound.

Yeah. You've read that right. Did I freak out? Slightly, considering that my grandmother had both breast and ovarian cancers (which she eventually passed away from, at age 61). I called the gyno's office and spoke to them about what the report said, and they told me that I shouldn't worry too much (yeah....riiight), because repeat mammograms happen A LOT when you get your baseline. It also seems that I have "dense breast tissue" (shit, I could've told them that one-my cans are huge and always have been, even when I was a skinny 110 lbs in college), which makes "inconclusive" results more common. Luckily, I'm pretty fanatical about doing self-exams, so I know that I haven't felt a lump anywhere. But, that letter was like a kick in the gut.

Of course, the first thing I thought of was the shitload of fertility meds I've taken over the years. The RE's all have said that there's no correlation between taking IVF meds and breast cancer; but, let's be honest here-there's no way that they definitely know one way or the other. Did I open myself to a risk that I shouldn't have? Perhaps. And, the sad thing is, I was getting this mammo not only for my regular gyno, but also for Dr. Pipsqueak as part of my IVF checklist for another cycle. Now there's a possibility (a small one, but one nonetheless) that I might never do this cycle.

So, I have make my appointment to go back next week, once I get my period (because there is NO WAY I'll go near that thing with sore PMS boobies). Of course, there is that slight possibility that I won't get my period, but.....well, we won't hold our breath on that one.

There's the story......not the funny one I started writing (which is still in my drafts). Once the dust settles, and I find this shit funny and not scary, I'll post it.

Until then, make sure that you don't neglect your tits, girls. There's my public service announcement of the day.


Shelli said...

Honestly, I'm REALLY bad about it.

Thanks for the reminder.

Love you, hoping it's just "fibrotic."

Heather said...

Hope it is just dense normal tissue and the second one proves that.

Thinking of you.

ilyse said...

S, I had to have my left boob redone about 5 times when I was there and had a sonogram. I have two benign cysts and I have to go for a repeat mammo and sono in 6 months to watch them and make sure there are no changes. I know how scary it all can be, but I am praying that it is the same for you, nothing cancerous and just something to look out for. (((((hugs)))))

battynurse said...

Hope the second look shows no problems.

Thalia said...

S - really hope everything is ok, and frankly think everything will be fine, it sounds like they are just being cautious.

Erin said...

I hope everything turns out fine and that you'll be cycling again soon. Also, I read your 9/11 post. It was a sobering reminder of how scary that day was for everyone. I live in MD about 20 minutes from the pentagon, and I vividly remember all those emotions.