Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pick Of The Litter

Fert report is in!

She had 22 eggs retrieved yesterday, with 17 of them being mature.  As of today, 16 have fertilized and are chugging along. 

16.  Holy motherfucking shit, it's like a Little League team.  My donor truly is the original Ovarian Rock Star.

Transfer set for Friday afternoon at 1:30, but there's a good possibility that will be pushed to a day 5 (Sunday), given the number of embryos and the fact that her last cycle had a 5 day transfer.

Wow.  For the first time I am so SO excited.  We finally have an even playing field! 

Bring on the H2O bitches-I'm ready!


S said...

That's kick ass! Congrats!

Ms. J said...

Damn, that's impressive! More than just a little league team, it's got it's own bullpen, too!

Heather said...

Yeah!!! Lots and lots of luck!

Let There Be Sims said...

woo-hoo! wishing you all the best!!!

MrsSpock said...