Friday, January 21, 2005

I'm baaaack........

OK, it wasn't too horrific-the worst part was the waiting (and waiting, and WAITING) that goes along with stuff like this. I have to say, the nursing staff at the hospital was incredibly caring and compassionate, especially during the mini-meltdown I had in the "holding area" right before the surgery. Also, I ended up having one of the best anesthesiologists in the hospital (according to my aunt, who's a nurse there) who was so nice-plus, once he pushed the Versed through my IV, they could have sawed off my leg with a dull butter knife for all I cared.....the next time I opened my eyes I was in post-op-yay!

But, the good news is-everything looks good, as normal as possible. Once the results of the biopsy come back in I'll feel a bit better (just to make sure that my endometrium is nice and ready for an embryo or two), but the RE gave us the green light to start the IVF!

So, I'm sore, bruised, a little bit dopey (from the Tylenol with Codeine), spotting, and really crampy, but, it's over, and I'm and sound.

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