Saturday, October 28, 2006


Today was cycle day 10 and monitoring day. Of course, because it was a shitty rainy nasty day outside this morning, it took almost an hour to get to the RE's office instead of the usual 25 minutes, since there were two accidents and roads closed due to flooding. But, at least it wasn't for naught-I've got a nice 10mm follicle growing on the left ovary. I get to go back on Monday for another date with the Follicular Lurve Wand and another bloodletting to see what's going on. Hopefully we'll get some more details as to when the transfer will be by then.

As for me, well-things are just in a state of limbo lately. I've been having some issues at work, which I won't get into here, because......well.....just because I'm not sure who reads this anymore. Suffice it to say that I'm getting more and more frustrated where I am, and I have to make such an effort to not let it affect my teaching. I also go into tech, beginning tomorrow, for my show. Which, is going so-so. I had such a good experience with my first show that this one is a little bit of a let-down, in some ways. Not with the director or AD/SM, but the MD and choreographer kind of have their heads up their asses. I mean, what MD "forgets" to bring the score for a run-thru and fakes his way with playing through the show? I have yet to hear the dance break to my number, because the MD "can't really play it" (his words). Plus, the choreographer, although he might be a good dancer, is just not that good of a teacher. He throws out all these technical dance terms out like he's Mr. Knowledge, but then can't teach the moves. Just weird. I really think that the director didn't get a say as to who his team would be, which is common in nonpaying theater. Let's just hope that these things iron themselves out this week, or else we're seriously fucked.

So, that's where I am at right now-in a state of perpetual limbo. I don't think that I like it. Not that being hopped up on hormones in the middle of a cycle is any better, but hey, at least it's not boring, right?


Nickie said...

the MD doesn't bring the score to a run-thru? he can't play the dance break? what??? ahh, this is why I haven't gotten into the local theater gig around here, I don't have that much patience. I hope it all works out soon. What show is it, if I may ask?

great news on the follie.

Lut C. said...

Good to hear the cycle is progressing nicely.

Sounds like you have a stressful hobby, just what you need to take your mind of things. ;-)