Monday, November 26, 2007


I just realized that, in my blechness of being ill, I forgot to update on the Thrombophilia Panel Saga of a few weeks ago.

In our last installment, I was on the phone with my IVF Coordinator, trying to get the results of the bloodwork that I had done on October 16th (which, incidentally, was my grandmother's ironic....). I was told by the Coordinator (who I've monikered "The Great Deceiver"-you'll see why in a second) to call back that Friday, 11/2, and the results should be in.

So I called. To find out that The Great Deceiver was out of the office that day. And I didn't leave a message, figuring that I'd call back on Monday morning. Which I did-only to find out that her voicemail hadn't changed from Friday, and I left a message. I never heard from her, so I called back on Tuesday and got the SAME VOICEMAIL MESSAGE (because you never get her "live" during business hours) saying she was out on "Friday". Assuming that she was still out (sick?), I called Dr. Pipsqueak's admin and left a message detailing the whole mess. She called me back that afternoon around 4:45 letting me know that TGD was actually in the office, and that she had already let her know that I had called, and that she was going to personally walk down to her desk to remind her to call me. She sounded peeved, and I assumed that it was because I was calling her instead of TGD. I felt badly for about a total of a minute, but figured that it was worth it to get a call back.

Which of course, I didn't. And then, the shit hit the fan the next day.

I called the admin back on Wednesday and left a pissy message that I have yet to hear from anyone about the bloodwork I had FOUR WEEKS previously, did I need to make an appointment to go over results or would I get results over the phone, blah blah blah. I also left a terse email to TGD saying the same thing. Which FINALLY got a response from TGD in the form of a snotty phone call saying, "Well.....I THINK I have all the results, and I'll forward them on to the doctor who will call you, as I DON'T GIVE OUT TEST RESULTS". To which my reply was, "Well, perhaps if you TOLD ME THAT to begin with, I wouldn't be calling you constantly-but, then again, perhaps if you also RESPONDED TO MY MESSAGES you'd know that". And hung up on her. Bitch.

Admin called me back the next afternoon, and firmly told me that "TGD spoke to you and told you that Dr. Pipsqueak would be calling you with the results". I relayed that I had already spoken to her and gave her the play-by-play of the conversation, told her that it was the first time I had heard from her since the end of October, and that I wouldn't even be bothering her if I didn't think that TGD was still out of the office. There was a silence on the phone, then I was asked, "You mean, she didn't even call you back when you called the first time? I walked down to her desk last week and told her personally that she needed to call you back." Well, nope, she sure as hell didn't.

The upshot of the conversation was that, apparently, The Great Deceiver does this "a lot" and admin has heard this story before from other patients. She gave me TGD's manager's name and let me know that I needed to make a complaint to her so she knew what was going on. Which I did, because I don't let people fuck with me. EVER.

And, the results, you ask? Well.........I still don't know yet. Nurse Blondie called and left a message on Monday that she wanted to go over the results, it "wasn't urgent" but they needed a test repeated, and the doctor wanted to know if I was taking any medications or herbs that would affect the test results, which I'm not-I made sure that I was taking absolutely nothing for about four days before the blood was drawn. One of the tests, the Lupus Anticoagulant Panel, came back with high levels, so I had to have a regular PT/PTT done. I had the blood drawn Friday, and hopefully they'll get the results today or tomorrow and I'll hear sometime this week from the doctor. Nurse Blondie sent me the funky results along with the labslip, and it was interesting seeing the results on paper. Although....I'm not sure why the hell it would be a high clotting time-shouldn't it be lower if you have a thrombophilia disorder? Perhaps it's what the use in the culture medium that's different than a normal PT/PTT. If any of you out there have any clue as to what the hell it means, please let me know, since I'm a bit ignorant about this.....

Either way, I get the sneaking suspicion that they've found something (since Nurse Blondie stressed that she wasn't the one to be able to tell me the results, and that the doctor would be the best one to talk to), and they're just confirming the obvious.

So.....that's where we're at. I'll update when I get more information......


J said...

Sounds like a lot of triflin' people, just a-wastin' your time! WTH. You know, if a bank teller or paralegal pulled that $hit, they'd be out on their @sses. Why do 'not-docs' get a free pass?

Anyway, hoping for the best, whatever that may be. Any answer is better than wondering, I think, even if it's not a great answer. Maybe? All I can definitively say is hang in there. Thinkin of ya.

nancy said...

Ugh! I would have complained too - I'm known for the one in my group of friends who always will take a complaint to the next level. Never unnecessarily, but I never let something go.

Good luck on your results. I'll be waiting along with you.

Kristen said...

That office is horrible!

I, too, had the LA panel done and it came back wacky. I thought I finally had a smoking gun but then the second draw came back fine.

Call me crazy but I was hoping they'd find something so I could stop the questions and get a freakin' answer.

Hoping you get some results soon. XOXO

Shelli said...

You know, a part of me is hoping that this is what the real "issue" is, so that, you know, it can be dealt with.

Ugh. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome for you, my sweet, sweet, S.


neko said...

Sounds like a blast. Fuckers. Thrombophilia btw. would cause clotting issues. So that makes sense. When you get results if you want to talk to me, call me. I still have all my old results and files here. Plus the names of our specialists. If they did find there is some kind of thrombic thing going on... well. Darling. you know there is a happy ending to our story. Love to you and the man. We are thinking of you guys. *hugs*

Nickie said...

I'm not a doctor, heck, not even a 'not-doc' but a thrombophilic disorder doesn't necessarily mean clotting too easily, just that your blood isn't clotting the way it should. If your clotting time was too high it might mean that your blood takes too long to clot. No idea how that would impact fertility though. I know that we checked several clotting issues with me since it turns out that my mom has 2 protein deficiencies (did I even spell that right?).

I hope that you get a straight answer soon and that it is helpful information and not a dead-end.