Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Punch, Meet Judy

Well, it's official....I have not one, but two cysts on my ovaries-one measuring 2cm on the right side, and one almost 3 on the left one.

Sean got to name them this time-Punch, and Judy. Hopefully they'll kick the shit out of each other. As for me, that's what Anaprox is for, right?

According to the RE's office, my estradiol numbers are going down, but not as much as they want. So, I get to take my HCG trigger today or tonight (no set time), and they "should" rupture. Then I get to go back in on Monday for another wanding and more bloodletting. After that......well, we won't get our hopes up yet, shall we?

Hey, c'mon.....this is par for the course for us. SOMETHING has to go wrong when we decide to do IF treatment. It wouldn't be AS MUCH FUN then, right?

I'm still waiting for the punchline, though.


Mrs Emilee said...

:( So sorry about your cysts. I know those are never fun. Hopefully they will get fixed, and you'll get your BFP soon. Hang in there!

PS- This is my infertility blog :)

Shelli said...

fucking a, man.

I'm sorry sweetie.

Thalia said...

Ouch. Sorry to hear this. Hope it's over fast.

Ms. J said...

How're things? We need an update!

I was thinking of you this morning as I sat in my own OB's office. FRICKIN' ICE COLD!!!! I thought of hanging my own sign up, as I had advised you to do ;o)