Sunday, February 20, 2005

Syringes and meds and gels-oh my!

My prescriptions-all (gulp) eleven of them....

I had my second IVF class on Friday morning-honestly, it doesn't look too horrific, but ask me that in a few weeks time, once I start all this shit. The needles are a bit scary, and I'm afraid of fucking up the dosages, but I won't be giving myself more than 1cc of medication per syringe. I just need to be super-organized about the whole thing. The nurse showed me how to mix the medications (I only have to do that for two of the prescriptions, thank God!) and gave me a ton of information sheets. I got eleven (yes, eleven) prescriptions at my appointment. Here's a list of them in the order I'll be taking them:

Norinyl (birth-control pills to shrink off Mr. Buzzkill)
Lupron (shuts down my hormones so I don't release any eggies)
Follistim (superovulator-makes me produce lots of eggies)
Repronex (which I might or might not need, depending on my blood levels-it adds LH)
Pregnyl (aka the Butt Shot-it causes the eggs to mature so they can retrieve them)
Crinone (progesterone suppository that I'll be taking after embryo transfer to build up my endometrial lining and sustain a possible pregnancy)
22 gauge syringes with needles (self-explanatory)
25 gauge syringes with needles (again, self-explanatory)

I could seriously wallpaper my bathroom with all the prescription orders I've had in the last six months. It's good that I like the color blue, I suppose.......

It looks as if I could be injecting myself up to three times a day, depending on my hormone levels-what fun. Oh, yeah, I also have to get a transvaginal ultrasound-my FF buddy Shelli has appropriately named it the "Dildocam" ("I christen thee the DILDOCAM") to see what Mr. Buzzkill is doing, and I also need an EKG and chest x-ray. This isn't counting the ultrasound and blood "monitoring" I'll be having almost every other day from now until the retrieval. Since I oh so love the hospital, this should be a real treat........but, it's worth it if it means a baby (or two).

I got my period today, which was a good thing-in a sick way, I was excited and happy. Mind you, not "let's have a party" happy, like I was when I got it for the first time at age 14 (the last of my friends, btw), but happy in a "let's move on" kind of way. Hopefully this will be the last time I get it for a long while.

In other news, we FINALLY got Sean a new-ish car-a 2002 Honda CR-V EX, which is what he's been wanting since October. It only had 25K miles on it, is fully loaded, and is a nice ride. He's like a kid at Christmas-he drove over to show his dad this morning as a surprise. I'll try to take some pics of it today and put them up on here-he looks so cute driving it! We're meeting my aunt and uncle for dinner tonight at a fondue restaurant, so we'll be driving, I'm sure. It will be nice to see them-my uncle and I are nine years apart in age (he's 13 years younger than my mother), so we've acted more like brother and sister than uncle and niece. Plus, since I'm off from school tomorrow, I can drink *evil grin* and sleep in a bit. At least he's got an AWD vehicle just in time for the snowstorm that's set to come in tonight/tomorrow-I won't have to worry about him in the piece-of-shit-car. My friend M (the one who is seperated and getting divorced) and I were on the phone laughing our asses off last night talking about what to do with the car (we're donating it, btw-there's no way anyone would buy it, in the condition it's in). He could:

1. Leave it somewhere in Elizabeth with the keys in it.
2. Use it as a big-ass compost container.
3. Be total white-trash and park it on the back lawn, leave it to rust out, then;
4. Use it as an interesting planter/modern piece of lawn art.

We personally liked numbers 3 & 4, since that's what her white-trash in-laws (soon to be ex-inlaws, or "out-laws", as I like to call them) do at their house--they actually have two old cars in their backyard...maybe they'll take ours.

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