Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The weekend that went to shit (literally)

Well, the weekend started out pretty good-I met my friend E, a TV news producer, in the city and had dinner in a cool restaurant, taking full advantage, of course, of NY Restaurant Week, split (okay, more than split) a bottle of Pinot Grigio, got more than tipsy, saw her office (cool place), and made my way to Penn Station to catch NJ Transit back home. I got home around 1:20am or so, tried to get some drunken nookie from the hubby, who wasn't amused-Jaysus, what happens to guys?? In our college days, a drunken girl trying to pull your pants off was an automatic chubby for a guy and guaranteed sex....*grumble grumble*....anyway, afterwards, he went to the basement for something and I went to the bathroom, did my business, and flushed-only to have Sean fly upstairs, freaking out, as water started pouring down from the ceiling in the basement.

Not good. Especially as this is the only bathroom in the house.

I pretty much sobered up at that point-really not good.

So, he says (it's 1:45 by now) that we'll need to figure out what the hell is going on in the morning, and to not flush the toilet until he can take a look at it-ewwwww, naaaaaasty!. The next morning, I go the bathroom, open up the toilet lid (we're a close-the-lid household) and there's almost no water in the bowl. Uh oh. Well, when you gotta go....I peed, left it there (yuck), then went back to bed. About twenty minutes later he yells upstairs to flush the toilet, which I did-and then he sees a puddle of water forming on the living room ceiling, right above where the bathroom is. Really really not good.

Now, Sean's totally freaking out-he had to cut a hole in the ceiling to see what the feck is going on, and sees shards of pipe all over the place. We call our friend G, a contractor and all around multi-talented guy, who came over, opened more of the ceiling, and found that our 80+ year old waste pipe collapsed into itself-really really really not good. Thank God and everyone else that they were able to refit the pipe themselves, or else we'd be out at least $2K. But, it left Saturday a mess, as Sean and G, gagging and grossed out, were literally shoveling shit out of the pipes that had started to back up, sawing the pipes out and putting brand-new PVC ones in. I had to go to my in-laws to use the potty (after holding it all in for like 10 or so hours-being a teacher makes you have the bladder capacity of a camel) and have a bit of peace and quiet because the "Men'zs", as they like to call themselves, tend to curse like longshoremen while working.

But, the pipes were done, new, working, and cleaner than anything. Of course, we have a lovely 3x4 foot hole in our ceiling, and a 2 foot one running down the living room wall, but Sean is the sheet-rock king, so I'm not worried. But, it threw a wrench (no pun intended) into most of the weekend.

I took some pics of the travesty-I'll post them later on, if I can.

Nothing new on the fertility front-the RE's office is working on the preauthorization from Oxford and my prescription carrier, and I have my next appointment (the dreaded injectibles class) on Friday the 18th. So far, everything is running as smoothly as it can. I'm almost waiting for something to get fucked up-Murphy's Law, right? But, right now I'm in infertility limbo, which isn't necessarily a bad thing-it gives me time to mentally and physically (I need to lose about 10 lbs) prepare for this.

Yeah, today was a boring post (not like the rest of them aren't, but hey, I doubt that many people, if any, read this to begin with) but that's okay.

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cat said...

lol... i read it and it was funny! can't wait to see the pics! ;)

chubby... *snicker*