Monday, May 22, 2006

Ultra Comfort, My Ass!

Whilst preparing myself for my nightly Shot of Fun, I noticed, printed on the barrel of my syringe, it says "UltraComfort".

Are you fucking kidding me? What, is like a new bra or a pair of shoes?

Comfortable for who, an elephant? Seriously, that's not the first description that comes to mind when I'm sticking it in my stomach. Annoying pinch, more like. Especially when I gave it to myself about an hour ago-I wasn't paying attention (I was on speakerphone-multitasking, 'natch!) and, instead of injecting myself quickly ("like a dart", so the product information designates), I stuck the sharp in slo-motion, like a masochist. Yeouch. Not Ultra and certainly not Comfortable.

Stupid-ass marketing people. I'd like to see them volunteer for some product testing-especially the men.....


Shelli said...

ultra-comfort? WTF?!?!?!?!?!

Lemme at um, I'll go give THEM some ultra-comfort.

dawn said...

There is no comfort with having to do those things, let alone ultra comfort!! Advertising anything for a buck I guess.

cat said...

Agreed bad choice of marketing words. Injections no matter how many you do are never ultra-comfortable.

Rooting for a home run!