Thursday, May 03, 2007

PoonannyPalooza 2007

I've learned three important things during yesterday's coochie-fest:

1. Valium is the awesomist drug ever fabricated by mankind.
2. Do NOT take your mother to your exam and dildocam wanding and act as your official drive home person. Especially my mother-BAD idea. I'd rather eat lint out of my belly button.
3. Hydrogen peroxide is GREAT for removing blood from your white sports socks.

My mother (also known as the "designated driver") showed up at my house after 11 am due to nasty traffic on the Garden State Parkway, which put us running late. Since I know that she is the slowest person in the history of the state of New Jersey when driving, I offered to drive to Dr. Pipsqueak's office. Plus, I must confess, I wanted the opportunity to drive her bitchin' BMW X3. So, I spent the next twenty-five minutes or so with her nagging me that I was driving "too fast" and that she gets nervous when in the passenger seat. Short of pulling over on the highway and stuffing her ass in the trunk, we made it to the hospital in time, with me relishing the thought of taking that one Valium stashed in my purse.

Once I get there, Dr. Pipsqueak informed me that we weren't doing the saline sono, only an exam and a date with the dildocam, then the HSG. She leads me (and mom) into the room, where I strip down to my goodies and put on that oh-so stylin' robe they have. Nursey then comes in to take the vitals-height, and weight. I hem and haw, since I am seriously allergic to scales, so the nurse tells me to give a ballpark I blurt out: 140 lbs.

Only to hear my mother pipe up: "Wow, that's a LOT".

Then the conversation ensues:

"Well, didn't you USED to weigh like 110 lbs?"
"Yeah mom, in college, when I smoked and didn't eat. It's mostly boob weight, I guess"
"More like from the waist down. Your legs got big."
"Yeah, well mom, you shoot up fertility drugs and tell me if you don't gain any weight".
"Well, when you started teaching you DID gain a bit"
"Uh.....I'm on my feet all day, how would that happen?"
"Oh..........well, maybe it's muscle weight then......."

Now, mind you, this is going on while the nurse is trying to take my blood pressure. I still don't understand how it stayed low-I was sure that my head was about to explode.

Anyway, that part (with the exception of my mother's diarreha of the mouth) went well. I've got a couple of follicles happily buzzing away in the ovaries, the cyst on the left ovary is still there, but no larger, the usual. Then it was off to admitting in the main hospital for the HSG. I check in, get my pass, down the Anaprox and Valium and trundle down to radiology to start my trip to Shiny Happy Land. And, trust me, I didn't have to wait long for that.

The next thing I know my mother is calling my name to tell me that it's time to go-apparently, I fell asleep for about 10 minutes. Nice radiology nurse has to lead me down the hall, since I almost ran into the wall (whoops!). She hands me a gown, shows me to the bathroom and tells me to remove everything from the waist down, but I can leave my socks on. As I leave the bathroom, Dr. C shows up and asks how I am, at which point I tell her that I'm in my happy place (which got a laugh).

I get settled up onto the table (NO stirrups, just some towels to prop up my butt, and my legs in the "frog position"), they put in the speculum and explain the whole procedure. Then, Dr. C warns me that the injection of Lidocaine is about to be administered.

Holy motherfucking OUCH! That shit sobered me up, let me tell you. But, then the catheter was inserted and I thankfully felt nada. And then, the dye was injected, which was bearable but not entirely comfortable. Turned to the left, turned to the right. It was done in less than 10 minutes. Everything was pulled out, and Dr. C warned me that perhaps I might need to change my socks when I got home, since when they pulled everything out they got splattered---great. Then she told me that she would go over the results with the radiologist and Dr. Pipsqueak, but also reviewed the films with me right then and there on the screen.

My left tube is blocked. It looked like a sausage at the bottom where the dye collected. I was told that normally they would remove the tube to prevent the fluid from washing back into the uterus, but since they've never seen the hydro during the stim cycle that perhaps they'd leave it alone, but couldn't give me a definite answer either way. Honestly, if it's crap, take it out, and the ovarian cyst on that side right along with it. Hmmm.....perhaps that "cyst" is part of the hydro?

And the right one, which wasn't visualized on the first HSG and was assumed to be a proximal blockage?

Open. Completely and utterly open. The dye passed easily through and into the abdominal cavity. She even suggested that we try on our own, since an HSG tends to slightly increase pregancy rates.

I was in shock. I started to cry right then and there. I tried to apologize, but I told her that we basically stopped trying on our own, since we were told many times that there was no reason to. She pointed to the screen, then took my hand and said to me, "Well, you do definitely have a shot on your own-you only need one good tube, so why not try?"

Why not? Perhaps the xematiasma is working and the curse is slowly being lifted.

It gave me hope that perhaps this will work out for me, after all.


Shelli said...

oh honey - an OPEN right tube - yee fucking haw, that is JUST SO AWESOME!

Now go and fuck like rabbits, darlin!

megan said...

sorry your mum was such a pain in the arse, but YAHOO about your open tube! that's great news. now go get busy!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Horray about your open tube!! It sounds like you need to get busy. ;-)

tryingin2007 said...

oh man! get a second opinion on that hydro! the fluid in them is toxic to embryos. take your fims to an expert and get an "expert" opinion, please.

the queen said...

just starting reading your blog recently. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO open tube! My spouse and I were told we would NEVER have children (he has very few sperm). We tried with a little help from technology which failed.
I am happy to report that our surprise baby, naturally conceived just turned 2.
I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

Adrienne said...

That is GREAT news, S. Time for a DIY cycle, methinks!

Anna said...

OMG, that is awesome - an open tube! I'm wishing you all the best luck. I believe in that whole evil eye/curse thing, too. My grandmother, mom & aunt all do the olive oil & water thing (they're Italian and call it loich?????) but it usually helps to get rid of bad headaches. The power of positive thinking can go along way. Darn your evil great grandmother!

Lut C. said...

Your mom sounds like quite a supportive person! Oh joy.

Good to hear about the open tube. Hope you can put it to good use. :-)

MrsSpock said...

Thanks for the nitty gritty details of your HSG- I'm having mine in a few days and couldn't find a description anywhere about how it really goes down...maybe I won't wear my socks in there;)

Congrats on the open tube!

TeamWinks said...

Ok, totally jealous that you got valium for yours! I got nada. Great news about the right tube!

Jessica said...

WOW on the comments, I'm so sorry! In my eyes, I'd love to be 140!
OK now YAY on the OPEN TUBE!!! That's so freakin awesome. (I got pg post hsg with ME).
I say get busy, a lot, all the time- like bunnies. And have fun with it. Anyway, no matter what it was a good sign that all has not been lost.

Megan said...

I was lucky, I got to have my hsg combined with laporoscopy for endometriosis. Out cold under general A! Whoo Hoo. Both tubes were blocked and she said she was able to push the solution through forcably, so they were opened. It still took 6 months. It actually wasn't till I started getting abdominal massage (which I will explain if you like) that I got prego. I lost that one, but I got pregnant, and that was a good feeling. Now I just gotta work on staying that way. :)

Tara said...

Heyyyyyyy! I didn't get ANY drugs for my HSG! (Except for a couple of useless Advils).

Congrats on the one open tube!

Woohoo... get working on that!

Carol said...

oooh, I love valium! That was the best thing about my six IVF transfers.

Your mom sounds, um, challenging.

But great, great news about the open tube! Maybe that curse is lifting....

Anonymous said...

I took my mom to my HSG too. It was the worst decision ever, but mainly because I was in a bit of pain and she started having an anxiety attack. I'm so glad that you have at least one open tube! Get crackin!

Kimmer said...

Open is good, good luck!!! Hope you are having some mad passionate porn sex!