Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shit Storm

About a month or so ago, during Spring Break, I went to lunch with a friend, and afterwards we wandered up the street to find this little New-Age type store. We went in, and I ended up buying a Karma Bracelet, which was made of hematite. The woman behind the counter said that it would absorb negative energy from me and those around me, and, when it was "finished" absorbing that negativity, it would break.

Curiously, from the moment I put it on, I wasn't having such shitty days at work. The problem kids were actually pleasant to me. I got the good HSG results, we did the sexing numerous times and numerous ways.

No problems, right?

Until the bracelet broke on Monday night. I was taking it off when it got caught on my watchband and snapped-hematite beads rolling all over the hardwood floor.

On Tuesday, I had an issue with a student. Later that morning, he ran into me while going with his class into the cafeteria, promptly starting screaming that I "hit him", then threatened to slap me. All this, from a ten-year old. So, I had to deal with the aftermath of that, which meant dealing with the principal, the parent, suspension, did I want to PRESS CHARGES..........ergh.

Last night, the neighbors had a birthday party for their teenage daughter/step-daughter and all of her friends, and JUST HAD to blast House music and scream for about two hours. In surburbia, this is a definite no-no, so Sean had to get up and go next door and tell them to cut the shit out. So, let's just say that neighbor relations are not going well around here.

Now, the main sewer line in our basement has decided to back up onto the basement floor. It does drain, albeit slowly. Needless to say, we're currently waiting for a call from a 24-hour plumber, who will surely financially try to rape us for what I'm sure will end up being a simple15 minute job unclogging the drain to allow the yummy "soup" to go through the pipes and out to the street.

Oh, yeah......did I also mention that I'm in the 2WW, and I've been spotting/staining (not majorly, just on the toilet paper, or a slight stain on the panties) since Friday afternoon? Cramping, too. And, I'm not due for my period until Thursday at the earliest, so WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?

Coincidence? Maybe. But I quickly hauled ass back to the store last night for a new bracelet, and other goodies. Better safe than sorry.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next installment of "My Foray into New Age Mysticism-The Evil Eye Update, Guardian Angel candles and Tarot Readings Galore"-whee!

*Watson-I know that you totally live for this shit, so if you can drag your ass out of that first-trimester coma, have fun reading!


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Sounds like things have been crazy. I would have gotten another bracelet too.

Shelli said...

Where in the 2ww are you? Could it be, um, IMPLANTATION SPOTTING?


PS - Sara and I went shopping, so I now KNOW what to look for. When are you free?

Watson said...

I'm here!!

A little green, but reading and literally panting with anticipation over the next installment!!

I think you need a new karma bracelet, girlfriend.

And if the New Agey ones aren't totally your style, check out the brand Dogeared (

They have the cutest stuff, with 'inspirational' but not overly-corny statements.

I'll be back tomorrow, queasy tummy and all!!


dawn said...

Definitely would have gotten another bracelet good for you. Sorry you had such a crappy couple of days there, I hope things start to turn around for you.

Lut C. said...

You're not kidding! The bracelet doesn't sound like it was finished, more like overloaded. :-/

Erin said...

Shit Storm is right! I hope you've got that bracelet tightly around your wrist again.

But not too tight...

Any chance the spotting is a GOOD sign? Do you normally spot like that? Good luck!

cat said...

We need to buy you a hematite dress.

Dare I say that the fingers are tightly crossed for the 2ww.

Much love.

Megan said...

Girl, you need to watch "The Secret". It will help you become your own big giant piece of hemetite! (I still wear my hemetite necklace and ring though, just for safety!

I love your blog btw!

megan said...

holy crap. i too would have ran back to the store for another bracelet. eek. apparently it isn't so good at knowing when it is finished absorbing the negativity!

The Town Criers said...

I am so superstitious I would have hauled my ass back to that store too.

Carol said...

wow, never a dull moment I guess.

We had the same basement sewer thing - we have it about every 6 months actually. And yes, they come and snake the thing out, and charge us an exhorbatant amount of money, which by that point we are happy to pay so that we can start flushing again.

Bloggeroo said...

I agree with returning the bracelet...when things get bad, you have to do what you can to feel good.