Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It seems, people, that there is a reason for my troubles. And it's fucking weird as hell, so strap yourselves in for this one.....

Friday afternoon I got a phone call from a friend I teach with (she teaches art in my school). (Just a little background-she's been out on child rearing leave since she had her son back in September, and started working again yesterday). She told me that she had to take her son to the doctor that morning, and her mother tagged along, and that my name came up in conversation. Her mother asked how long we were trying to get pregnant, blah blah blah...........and then she told her daughter that she thought that perhaps I had "the mati" and she wanted to see me to find out by doing something called the "

Now, for anyone out there who has no idea what I'm talking about, it's the Greek version of the "evil eye". We Italians call it "malocchio", and it's a common belief in Meditteranean and Middle Eastern cultures. When I was a kid it was a common thing in my mother's family-it was said that if someone "overlooked you" (ie. coveted you or something of yours) they could give you the evil eye. Many times, when I had a horrible headache or didn't feel well, my grandparents would say that I had "the eyes", then they would take a possession of mine, and say prayers over it to get rid of it. I distinctly remember watching them do if for people (the affected person doesn't have to be in the room, by the way), and as they silently said the prayers, their eyes would start to stream with tears, they would yawn incessantly, and do that dry spitting thing that Nia Vardalos made famous in her movie. So, the point is, once my friend explained what the mati was I knew exactly what she was talking about, and I didn't think she was nuts..

So, what did I do, you're wondering. Well, I booked my ass over there with her yesterday afternoon after school to see her mother. And it was the freakiest thing EVER.

She came out into the living room with a glass of water and some olive oil on a spoon. Then, she made the sign of the cross (Orthodox version, of course) three times, said a silent prayer, made the sign of the cross again three times. She then dipped her pinky finger into the oil, and dropped the oil into the water. Then she repeated it three times.

Now, all you science people out there-what happens when you place a drop of oil into a glass of water? It floats on the surface, right? Well, each time she did that , the oil dropped into the bottom of the glass, and stayed there. STAYED THERE. Weird, right? The last time, just to show me, she did it to herself, and the drop of the oil floated on the surface of the water. As she went through the ritual, she kept saying "Oh, my God", then said something to my friend in Greek.

Apparently, I have the evil eye. Bad. I have to go back two more times for her to do it again.

Now, realistically I know that it can't be possible, but you know what weirder shit has happened. And, it's not altogether implausible that someone's bad thoughts or malicious intentions can affect another person. But make them infertile? Huh?

So, after this weirdness I called my mother to tell her about this, and she ACTUALLY AGREED. My mother then tells me that she's convinced that someone put a fattura on me (it means "spell" in Italian) and she's almost positive she knows who it is.

Here's where the story get's weirder, like sicko weird-so bear with me.

My mother is convinced that my father's grandmother put the fattura on me as a child. When I was really small (from birth to about 6 years old) we lived with my father's grandmother's house (she lived downstairs, we lived upstairs). She wasn't a nice woman (she was a midwife), really-the little I remember of her she was constantly yelling and screaming at us, and telling our parents that we were horrible children. Anyways.........when I was six or so we moved out of that house to another town to live in my mother's grandmother's house, in Orange, NJ. My father's grandmother apparently told her daughter-in-law (my dad's mother) "Go ahead, let them move there.........and I hope S gets raped when they're there, too!" Nice, huh? My mother said that, ever since that day, our family has had bad luck.

I called my friend last night to talk to her about it, and relayed what my mother said about my great-grandmother and the fattura. She then got freaked out and said, "well, didn't you hear what my mother said?". I told her that they were talking in Greek (which she didn't realize). She then said that her mother told her, "She's got it bad. It's really old, and been there for LONG time". She said that her mother is CONVINCED that this is the reason I can't get pregnant.

Even Sean, who said that he "neither believes or disbelieves" this, said that it's entirely possible.

So, the upshot is that I've been cursed, probably by my evil great-grandmother, and I'm going this week to my friends Greek mother to get it removed.


I'll let you know how it plays out. So, if anyone out there knows how to remove a curse, please let me know-I'd like to hedge my bets, if you know what I mean.

Now, I'm off to PoonannyPalooza 2007 (saline sono and HSG day-hooray!). If I'm not too fucked up from Captain Valium and the Anaprox, I'll be back later to update you on that hot steaming pile of mess.

Hell, who am I kidding-I'll post later..........just for the sheer entertainment value of blogging on meds. I'm sure you all will be amused, anyway.


Carol said...

Wow! I generally don't believe in that type of stuff, but it sounds pretty convincing. What if getting this curse removed was all it took for you to get pregnant? Now that would be just too freaky for words. scary.

I hope your HSG and saline sono go well. I had both - the saline sono was no big deal. The HSG was a crampy, but the bad part was only for a few seconds. Good luck!

Shelli said...

go here (Judaica store in Scotch Plains, NJ) and get what's called a "Hamsa" (hand) with the "Bli-ayan-hara" (against the evil eye) prayer on it - I carry mine on my keychain at ALL times.

I'd send you mine, but "once used by someone else" it's not as effective or something like that...

It's a cute little keychain thinggy - I'll put it on flickr for you.

(not that any of this is real, but in the "it wouldn't hurt" Jewish Superstition thinggy, I'd say GO FOR IT! And give Grandma a big thanks for me, because Malka needs a COUSIN!)

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Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Wow. I don't know if I believe in that stuff, but it couldn't hurt right? I am interested to see how it plays out.

Good luck with your HSG and sono today!!

Nickie said...

well now. that would be just too freaky if you got pg after having the curse 'removed'. I'll be watching and hoping, that's for sure!!

hope your Hoo Ha Hoedown goes well too.

Anita said...

I have been lurking on your blog for a while now but I too (dragged my husband along as well) visited an Orthodox healer for this very reason, TTC for >4 years.....I now have a 9 month little boy (conceived with AC and a while after visiting the healer).

Drop me a little and we can chat a little more......

Fingers crossed for you!

Isabel said...

Although I'm a dedicated Christian I have to say I totally believe that what you've described is possible, probably, and most likely the deal. Of course I recommend prayer, but that Greek Momma would most likely agree with me and she's probably praying for you right now. And I will too.

Hope it helps.

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

You know, anything is possible. I am someone who believes that most religious beliefs are ideas that humans have created to deal with the uncertainties of life (and are incidentally often used by people to control others) - real cynical, I know - but even I think that there might be something to what you have found. I had a series of ghost experiences while house-sitting a home built in the 1700s a few years ago and, after that, I would be willing to believe almost anything.

And, even I think that a few prayers said on my behalf are never a bad thing. So, even getting this friend's mother to send some great energy your way is not a waste.

Good luck!

dmarie said...

I believe it. Hope everything went well for you.

Watson said...

Geez, you know I LIVE for shit like that!!

Years ago my Mom was told by a white witch (as opposed to an evil, black witch) to burn a special candle for 24 hours straight to remove a curse someone had put on her. She swears it worked, but of course she's crazy.

I would totally have your friend's mother do whatever crazy stuff she can do to remove along as it doesn't include sacrificing small animals.

'Cause that's just mean.

Jane FF said...

Ok, this blog just got really interesting! I can't wait to see what happens next. Good luck!
(It was interesting before but in a different way!)

Megan said...

I am so loving your blog!

I'm actually a little excited/scared for you! Sounds like your on the right path with your friends grandmother. I wish I could see her. Sometimes I would say I have that. Seriously, I'm not kidding. :)
We irish just don't have those kinds of rituals. My grandmother was more of a knitter...

cat said...

S... Let's talk...

I have something for you from Greece that I picked up and had on my altar for a long time and I'd like to send it to you now for safe keeping until you don't need it anymore.

You already know how I feel about this stuff. *hugs*

T said...

We were talking about boo boo's and Kimmer (nomad's land) told me about you. Very interesting indeed! Good luck - hope to hear more about the curse lifting.

frank said...

When I was a kid (I'm now 56), I suffered from convulsions and high fevers. I had a great aunt from Naples who was a "fattuchiara" or someone who could deal with the evil eye as well as making healing potions and herbs. She performed the olive oil in the bowl of water over my head ceremony. If the oil beaded up on the surface of the water instead of staying intact, it meant that you were "overlooked," or that you were a victim. She then chanted some prayers in Italian using parsley in the ritual. As a final act of exorcism she "yawned" or made a strange noise apparently driving away the evil. The fever did subside...I am told that only women can learn the prayers to drive away the malocchio. A mother could teach the prayers to her daughter only at midnight on Christmas Eve.

Anonymous said...