Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Ganirelix Love Affair

First of all, thanks for all the comments and support. Honestly, I thought that, because I've been neglectful of this here blog, there would be nobody really around these parts, but thanks to you (and rock like a aging heroin punk groupie on the Bowery) I know that I'm still not alone, even though I've been at this shit for as long as I have been. I'm the crusty old infertile that sits in the corner of the room talking about the "good 'ol days", when men were men and women were.....well, you know what I mean.

And, I apologize for leaving anyone hanging out there in regards to what's going on with my girly-bits. I went back to work on Tuesday (kids came on Wednesday) so it's been pretty crazy right now with getting back into the swing of things, and then adding in getting up at the ass-crack of dawn (the ass-crack being 4:30 am to get out of the house by 5:30 and getting to the office by 5:50am)to go to BIC for monitoring and THEN going to work, which is an hour from the office (with some traffic).....all to make it in time for my homeroom. Sheesh.

So. I went to the RE on Sunday morning, bright and early for my bloodwork and wanding. Of course, I was also killing a few birds with one stone, because my RE's office is attached to and affiliated with the hospital where my mother was recuperating from her cancer surgery (more on that in another post, but the streamlined version is that they did the total hysterectomy, didn't have to remove any of the bowel, the cancer cells were 99.9% gone according to the surgeon, and they installed the intra-peritoneal port for course #2 of chemo under her skin.). I drag Lovely Sean with me into the wanding room, where he proceeds to yet again prove his lack of common decency by asking me if he thought that Dr. Pipsqueak would find it odd if he asked her if he could lick the probe afterwards, like a Kohr's Frozen Custard on the Jersey Shore boardwalk. Really. I can't make this shit up, I swear.

And, no......I didn't let him. Although it would've been worth it to see the reaction he got, I DO have some pride left in me throughout this.

Yes, people-I STILL want to reproduce with this man. And make him partially responsible for any offspring I might release from my loins. Um....yeah. Of course, since any child we have will be half mine and half his genetically, and Murphy's Law being what it is, they'll more than likely inherit this lovely trait from him. Wonderful. I'll be the future gestator of probe-licking children who have no "filter" button. Can't wait for Back-To-School Night already!!

Oh, sorry......anyways, the upshot of this whole thing is that, once the wand was inserted, we all find out that the cysts are GONE. Buh-bye! It was like Ganirelix is the Wonder Drug Of The Fertility Universe. Like, I'd marry it if it were legal. Hell....I'd even let it not put the toilet seat down afterwards. Because THAT'S how much I love this damn medication. I even read something online about a study that was recently done using Ganirelix on high responders and those at-risk of OHSS, and it worked in lowering fast-rising E2 levels without compromising egg quality-better than lowering doses or coasting. I mentioned it to Dr. Pipsqueak and she got a big shit-eating grin on her face and agreed that the findings were pretty cool. It's like Ganirelix was MADE FOR ME! Hallelujah!

I got the call Sunday night to start Lupron (10 units) and overlap with the BCP. And, OH MY GOOD GOD, I forgot how much injecting suuuucks. I've been at it for almost a week and I'm still getting over that "my hand is trying to stick a needle in my body" mental override that you have to do. I mean, for the first time EVER I bruised badly enough that I still can't inject on my right side. It was bright purple and about the diameter of a golf ball, I swear (but is now starting to turn that pretty shade of yellowish-pink). I even had the school nurse look at it, to make sure that I wasn't internally bleeding to death (she didn't think so, btw). It still freaks me out looking at it.

I had to go back to BIC for monitoring on Thursday (how I made it through the day I have NO IDEA-thank God we only had the kids for a half day) and got the all-clear call from Nurse Blondie-I could stop BCP's, and start the Folli-STING (75IU-can you believe it? It's like the dosage for an IUI!!) tonight. Woot! Sean also got to start his Doryx today. I get to go back on Tuesday for monitoring and we'll take it from there.

Wow.....we're FINALLY on the ride! I thought we'd never get here. I am a bit excited now that the process has started. Of course, once I start daily monitoring (probably the middle of next week) I'm sure that if you asked me, I'd say that I'd rather have a dirty spork sticking out of my eye than stim. But, I'm feeling good about it at this point in time.

And, that'll do for now. Quite nicely, in fact.


Shelli said...

all I can think of is Sean licking a nasty ass lubed up condomed wand that's been in your hoochie land.

Um, thanks? :)

Glad to hear mom's surgery went well - still saying a misheberach.

Love you

Ms. J said...

Wow, you're married to quite the winner, eh?!

LMAO. I have been told by Dr. J that I have "no filter," too, so I feel a bond with your man ;o)

Dana said...

I'm with Shelli-on both counts.

I'm still thinking about you and sending you all sorts of positive thinking vibes.

I can't believe how those stupid RE people seem to have no sense of humor! I mean, if we all can laugh, then what the heck is wrong with them?

Kimmer said...

Wishing the best for you with this cycle. Lmao about what your husband said, too funny. Good luck and hope your mom is doing well with recovery.

InfertileNaomi said...

Infertility doesn't suck. I love being infertile and totally enjoy all those negative pregnancy tests and failed IUIs. Kidding.

Sonia said...

Reading your blog has been like a breath of fresh air - so much on the inferternet is addictive pap that leaves you feeling shite afterwards. Thank you for your real and FUNNY take on the whole crappy ride.
Just when I thought I was losing the plot big time I found your blog, swiftly followed by a magazine article, both of which have really helped me start to get a grip again (for the time being!...)

The magazine article mentioned a support group which I managed to join and which is shaping up to be a real help - so good to meet some other people in the same boat and find some coping mechanisms. I'm in London, but if you're interested and it's any help, the lady who started it all is based in the US: Dr Alice Domar Mind/Body Programme,

I've got my finger's crossed for the next phase of your treatment.