Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, Well, Well.....

Got another surprise this morning at around 9:30, but in a really good way.

Dr. Pipsqueak called while we were having breakfast-my embryos are doing really well ("the best we've ever seen" is what she said) and are going for a day-5 transfer on Thursday-TBA. We'll know exactly when later today.

Did I mention exactly how great the new place I work is? I went in yesterday morning and had a talk with my principal (who I've been honest with about our whole journey, so she knew that we were going to do this) and told her that we weren transferring on Tuesday and I'd need the day off. She told me it was absolutely no problem; and, in fact, I should also take Wednesday off to "rest and relax". I told her that it was really not necessary, but she insisted. She's already told me that she really wants this to work for us, and that she'll do whatever she can to make it happen. How cool is she?

I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm scared shitless. I know that blasts have a higher implantation rate, and from my own experience the only success I had was with a blast, despite it being a FET. But, the fact that it failed also is sitting in the back of my mind too. This whole cycle has been one big surprise in the way that nothing went as planned, from the cysts to actually getting to transfer at all. Perhaps this is the ending we all want? I'm afraid to hope for it, so I don't jinx it.

It all seems so weird. I know that I didn't post this, but for my retrieval my anesthesiologist was the same guy that I had when I had my hysteroscopy ages ago with Dr. Vest (which was right before I started my first cycle), and we recognized each other. Now, I'm (fingers crossed) about to have a blast transfer, like I did for my first FET, which did result in a pregnancy (albeit briefly). Perhaps everything is parallelling because it's coming full circle, and this is really the cycle for us? Am I reading into too much? Hmmm......

I don't think that I've ever heard Dr. Pipsqueak so excited about our results. She said that she told the embryologist that "this is it....this is the cycle where she gets pregnant".

From your mouth to God's ears. We'll know soon enough.


Anna said...

Oh, S, I'm really praying for you. I do so hope this cycle works!!! It seems that there is no rhyme or reason - what's meant to be will be, but I'm REALLY hoping for success!!! Hang in there.

Nice to hear your principal was sympathetic and kind - that goes a long way!

Everything is crossed...

Shelli said...

I, too, tend to squash hope, but good energy down to the girly bits is a good thing.

EVERY fucking thing is crossed for you, sweetie. EVERYTHING.

Lut C. said...

Wow, going to blast!
If only it were possible to predict the future by reading tea leaves etc. Waiting and seeing gets old really fast. :-/

My fingers are crossed for you!

Erin said...

YES!!! Looking forward to hearing all about the transfer on Thursday!

Heather said...

Sounds very promising. My thoughts will be with you. I will say that our IVF cycle that ended up becoming our twin boys was also proclaimed by our RE as the best he'd ever seen from me and we had a lot of embryos to choose from. We transferred 3 5-day blasts and 2 of them stuck and became our boys who are now 4 months old!

BTW, another piece of superstition, don't test at home!!! I didn't with that cycle and everything worked out great. It was the only cycle that I didn't test, other than when I got pregnant with our daughter from ovulation induction and IUI. See the pattern here?

Lots of luck!!! And your new boss sounds like a wonderful person. So happy for you!