Sunday, September 20, 2009


Holy crap, has it been like two weeks since I've last posted? Sheesh. Sorry y'all, but the past two weeks were a kick in the ass in relation to time-management. But, I do have updates! Woot!

Lets see......what's new? Oh, we got another cat! She's an adorable six week old kitten that we've named Callie. She was part of a litter that my MIL rescued (she's kind of the crazy cat lady of her neighborhood) when they were about a week or so old. She raised them, and we decided to take one of the litter. She's really sweet and loooves to cuddle, but has all that crazy kitten energy that has resulted in little claw marks all over my legs. We've kept her seperate from Peachy for now, since she's so small (she's in the office, which is partly why I haven't updated-the computer is in here and every time I try to get on she wants to play....typical), but I'm sure in a week or two she'll run havoc around the house.

Mom's doing well-she had phase two of her chemo treatment that, honestly isn't as much "fun" as the last time. She had to go into the hospital for three days for partial IV chemo (1 day) and then they also inject a dose directly into the port that's in her abdomen. Then they flush her body with 1000 cc's of fluids so the port chemo doesn't stay in her system-kind of like marinating her insides. So she's feeling a bit nauseous this time, not to mention the bloating and constant peeing from the fluids. She's lost about 15 or so pounds through this journey (she's down to 97 pounds) so it's important that she eats, but she wasn't hungry because of the fluid push-hopefully that will change. Not fun, but necessary.

Now, onto the main cycle!

When we last left our saga, I was starting Lupron and going back for monitoring that Thursday. I started the FolliSTING that night (75IU, can you believe it!), overlapping with the Lupron and stopped the BCP's. So, I was plugging along on the same dosage (I'm still amazed at that small amount of stims....unreal, right?) and going every two days for monitoring, which really sucked because I had to get up at 4:30am in order to get to the clinic and to work on time-with the new job it now takes me an hour to get to work from there. Starting this past Monday I was going every morning (double suckage), and they let me trigger Thursday, with the retrieval being Saturday morning. Then Dr. Pipsqueak decided that she wanted to throw a small wrench into the plan by calling me on Friday and letting me know that there was a "distinct possibility" I could have a fresh transfer this cycle, since I did so well with the stims (her words were that I didn't "explode like you usually do"). So I had to get PIO and Medrol from the office, since it was never ordered for me. Luckily I was already in the hospital visiting mom and I could just walk over, and I already have tons of leftover PIO needles!

I had the retreival yesterday (LOVE those drugs ,btw!) and they got 18 eggs! We'll find out today the fert report and whether or not we'll do a fresh transfer this cycle or not. I did start PIO last night (yeah, forgot how much THAT sucked!) just in case.

Let's hope that the wrench in the plan is a good one.


Nurse Blondie called late this morning with my results:

18 retrieved, 16 mature, 12 fertilized. Day 3 transfer scheduled for 12:30pm on Tuesday.

Here we go again.


Lut C. said...

Kittens weaned at 1 week old? Your MIL must have had quite the job feeding them and keeping them warm!

I hope the worst of chemo is over soon for your mother and that she recovers as quick as possible.

A fresh transfer, I'm a fan of those. :-) I hope it makes all the difference in the world, for the good!

Dana said...

I also hope the chemo is soon over for your mom!

On the other note, Stef, good data on the kiddos-to-be!! All the best!

Anna said...

Wow, great retrieval stats!!! I never had that many! Here's hoping this cycle goes great. Everything is crossed for you, my dear. Please keep us posted!

Kimmer said...

So sorry about what your mother is going through. It's awful. As for your cycle, wohoo. Sounds perfect. Good luck tomorrow. Thinking of you.

Erin said...

Awesome! Everything is crossed and prayers are coming your way!

Shelli said...

12 rocks the house.

EVERY fucking thing is crossed for you, honey.

And love to mom.

Can't wait to meet the new kitty.

K said...

Sending good vibes to your mom!!!
KMFX for trasfer day!!!