Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back From Folli-Land

Yaaay! I'm alive!

We got the call over the weekend from the monitoring nurse (not Nurse Blondie, whoever was on call this weekend) that, at least as of yesterday, there are still 14 embryos plugging along to Omeletville, which is great news. We got instructions for our transfer (Tuesday at 1:30, bring water, make sure there's no jewelry, deodorant, blah blah blah) and were told that no news was good news. There's a chance that the transfer could be pushed to Wednesday afternoon (in which case we'd get a call Tuesday morning), depending on when they receive the CGH results, but they've apparently been pretty quick about getting those results back-I guess that's one of the perks of having a major genetics company within 10 minutes of BIC. Woot!

I've been reading up on CGH (which stands for comparative genome hybridization) and it seems like it's a good fit for us. There's two types of CGH-the Array CGH and just CGH analysis -I believe that they're doing the Array testing, since they're doing the biopsy on day 3 and we'll get the results back within 24 hours-the other testing actually requires biopsy on day 5 and either transfer day 6 or freezing the blasts for a FET. CGH testing actually looks at all the chromosomes, not just 12, which standard PGD does. It has up to a 60% success rate and only a 5% miscarriage rate, which is perfect for us. Of course there's drawbacks, like in any procedure, but it seems to be a good fit for us, which is why Dr. Pipsqueak recommended it in our case.

She rocks. Just sayin'.

Of course, there is the chance that we might have nothing to transfer, or have embryos that are chromosomally viable that aren't the best quality, but I'm having a really good feeling about this. We're actually not anxious at all about what's going to, or not going to happen-it's as if we've kind of passed it along and realized that there's no sense worrying about things that we can't control right now. Neither of us can afford to be stressed out right now; plus, it won't change the outcome. It's really interesting that we're not worried or obsessive about the testing or results, but I'm going to go with it and not read into anything too much.

I'm feeling better, finally-my left side is more tender than the right, but the nurse told me that they aspirated more follicles on that side. I'm hydrating like a madwoman, just in case that old whore OHSS comes along, but I feel pretty good, once I slept off the anesthesia and could to drop the "kids" off at the pool, if you get my drift. That's the one things about the anesthesia and progesterone combo that I don't like-the Doody Highway gets a traffic jam, and you feel bloated and crampy to begin with. Yuck. So I was a happy camper when that resolved itself.

I totally can't believe that I've sunk to a new low by talking about crapping here. Ye-gads, what's next-tampon comparisons? Fiber supplements? Sheesh...

Cross your fingers for us, if you can-hopefully I'll have more news soon!


BigP's Heather said...

Eh, we already discuss periods and uterine lining...what is a little shit?

Shelli said...

what BigP said! ;)

And don't forget to bring the elmers.

AND? Bring a shot of whiskey for the transfer - just to make it all a little more fun!


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping - I've got a good feeling about this go too!


Lut C. said...

Thanks for the explanation of the CGH. Interesting.
I asked our doc if something PGD-like might do us any good, but he didn't think so. Hope it makes just the difference for you!!!!

Impressed by your ability to handle it all - hope it lasts for the duration. said...

Am I the only one who feels that your blog design is pretty stylish? I'm thinking maybe its a custom design that you designed? Regards, Dave