Friday, June 09, 2006

All Is Well

Thanks for the support-you girls are awesome.

The bloodwork came back-no problems. In fact, it came back better than the previous day. They'll get the urine results today sometime, but I haven't had a high fever since early yesterday morning (101.1), so I'm sure that it will come back with no problems. No squitters either. My sphinter is quite happy with that, as you can imagine. The only thing that sucks was the dildocam and internal Dr. Pipsqueak gave me-jaysus, that hurt! But, she had to see if either of my ovaries were enlarged or tender (which they aren't-just my poonanny), and she was really nice about it and did apologize, so I won't hold it against her.

This morning, I had what could be called a glorious defecating experience. Not to gross anyone out, but it was in one piece, slid out easily and was looong-like,so long it was one of those sticking-up-out-of-the-toiletwater-kinda shits. Hey, it's better than water pouring out of your butt, right?

C'mon-don't tell me you don't talk about your poops. M and I only really talk on the phone when we're on the bowl-for some reason, whenever we get on the telephone, one (or both) of us get a sudden urge to shit, and we're not about to wrap up our scintillating conversation (usually about the white-trashiness of her fuckwad ex-husband) to do our business. We both rejoiced as pre-teens when cordless phones were invented and accessible-we didn't have to hear our mothers curse and yell at us when they inevitably tripped over the extra-long phone wire that snaked across the hallway and under the closed bathroom door.

So, yeah, all is well. I'm just staying home again today (why go in for one day; and, anyway, they won't let you back to school unless you've been fever-free for 24 hours) as a precaution, but I feel great. I even weighed myself and I lost 4 pounds-woot! 10 more to go and I'll be a hottie. Now I just need to make an appointment for the follow-up, wait for Aunt Flo to make her appearance (won't be fun, I'm sure-my lining yesterday was still over 7mm) and prepare for my FET. I feel much more optomistic now, like perhaps this will work out.

Of course, it's probably that bitch Hope (as well as the HCG still lingering in my bloodstream) working her white voodoo on me, but , for now, it's okay-I'll allow it.


Meg said...

S - So glad to hear you are feeling better. Sounds like its been a real nightmare. But hey, with that many embryos... :)

cat said...

Hehe... yep we talk about poop too! That kinda poo we call a breakwater!

kudos... and may all go well from here on out.

Beth said...

You are my new best friend - because why stop a great phone conversation for a shit break? I am with you on the glory of returning to normal - I had the same issues post ER. Things are sounding cohesive and good!

Shelli said...

um, yeah, ditto on the conversations - I think once you're past 30, poop become more of a marker of health, than a "ewwww" thing - more like a "So honey, did you have a good poop today?"

Or, what was it like?


SO glad you're feelign better.

Lut C. said...

Well, what can I say. In the IF community, it takes a lot to gross us out. I guess.

Thalia said...

You sound so much better, I'm so pleased! Hoping OHSS is gone for good this cycle.

ilyse said...

Glad you are feeling better.