Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Running Grrl.........Literally

Hyperstim check went okay. Came home and tried to veg, then realized that I had to know, go. Have had the squitters since then, as well as a fever, and achiness in my lower back and pelvis.

SHIT. Called Nurse Blondie, who called me back and said to make sure that I take lots of Tylenol and push fluids, and if my temp went higher to call back.

She then called again, 45 minutes later, saying that she talked to Dr. Pipsqueak, who wants me in at 8:30 tomorrow morning for an exam, bloodwork and a pee test.

Fuck. Why now? Why get sick now?

I really hope I don't have an infection, because then my ass will get admitted, and we all know that will be no fun for S.

I'll update more tomorrow, after the appointment.


Thalia said...

Ugh. I hope you are not getting really sick and that you can ward this off with fluids and tylenol. Thinking of you.

Shazz said...

Fingers crossed its nothing!!

Sunny Jenny said...

OUCH! hyperstimulation hell! Hope you're doing better! For once you'll be happy when AF arrives!

Shelli said...


oh sweetie. For what it's worth, there IS a rotavirus running around - perhaps you just have that?

I had it - lasted a few days, I lost a few pounds, then poor Malka got it - it's YUCKY......

Watson said...

Re: Shelli's post, 2 people in my office had that rotavirus, which sounds dreadful, I hope that's not what you're experiencing. Feel better! And keep us posted, we're rooting for you!