Thursday, June 01, 2006

Miss S and the Case of the Dropping Stims Dose

Well, the past few days has been interesting-at least in the reproductive sense.

Wednesday's appointment showed that my E2 level went from 540 (on Mon) to 850 (Tues) , and that those 20 follicles are still bubbling away in there, all measuring around 11mm. Nurse Blondie instructed me to reduce my meds from 100 units down to 50 units. Today's date with the Follicular Lurve Wand and Dr. C showed that the follicles are still brewing-the biggest ones are on the left side (the biggest one measures at 15mm). The right side still measures around 11-12mm, but Dr. C told me not to worry, they'll catch up. She also said that anything over 17 mm is good for retrieval.

I asked Dr. C about my E2 numbers this morning, and she said that they went up, from 850 to over 1500.........Whoa! The numbers today must have been higher today, because Nurse Blondie's voicemail message today instructed me to drop the FolliSTING dose again, down to 25 units, and to come in again tomorrow. I'm starting to get a bit worried, since they can't really drop me down any more (25 is the lowest dosage you can have), and I'm afraid that if they start coasting me I'll end up with crappy eggs. So, think good growing thoughts for them, so I don't get screwed (medically, of course-because I certainly don't want that near my cooter right now).

I also asked about an estimated retrieval date, and she really couldn't say, but that if she had to give a window, she'd say within 4-6 days. So, hopefully between Monday and Wednesday. Which is good, since I'm getting a bit's starting to feel like there's an extended family of squatters residing in my pelvic region, and they won't turn the fucking music down at three in the morning. Bastards.

I do have to say, although there is a block party going on in my ovaries right now, I'm feeling pretty good-not nauseated or lethargic, which I was the last two times. I also LOVE the RE's at Big Important Clinic-hell, I'd even bring coffee and pastries for Dr. C , if she didn't wonder if I was trying to hit on her (considering that she's got her dildocam-laden hand in my coochie every morning). I am getting bloated though, which sucks-I can't fit into any of my pants or capris, and , well........wearing dresses to the RE's office poses a problem when you're asked to drop your panties and assume the position. I'm always worried that I'll look like a college 'ho getting a quickie on a Thursday night, hitching up my dress around my waist and wrinkling the fuck out of it. People will start wondering if I sleep in my clothes. Hell, looking at the bruises across the insides of my arms, they probably already think I'm shooting up, so what the fuck difference does it make, really?

*Sigh*-it could be worse, I know. I'm just getting antsy-I want this to be all over.


Beth said...

It sounds like things are moving along - and holy shit, look at that jump in E2. You mean the hitching my skirt up look isn't a good one? H

Pamplemousse said...

What about one of those cute wrap dresses? They don't really wrinkle and you would have easy access haha.

I am sending those follicles a good talking-to. Don't worry about coasting so much as your E2 level should keep those follicles on the train.

Shelli said...

May the party last for 9 more months, darling...


Lut C. said...

I hope the retrieval is sooner rather than later. Good luck.