Friday, June 23, 2006

(Piles Of) Piles

So, what's a post from me that doesn't have to do with things down in the nether region, right?

Except, this time it's to do with the bunghole, not the poonanny. So, brace yourselves for a little (okay, a LOT) of TMI-

It seems that I have a slight case's a bit embarrassing, really........

Hemmorhoids. Piles. Ouch.

It sort of started after Poopapalooza 2006 - I started feeling a little uncomfortable in the pooper region, then, a few days later I realized, as the poop started becoming more solid, that it was sore and kinda hurt. Well, I thought that it healed, but apparently I've not been eating enough fiber in my diet, because the past few days has not been great, defecatingly speaking. This morning's poop revealed some bleeding on the TP, and now my butt is sore.

Here's where the TMI comes in (not like it hasn't been already, right?). I called my mother for a little (moral support) medical advice, and she asked me if I looked down there to see what was going on.........whoa! Ewww......but yeah, I actually had to inspect the area, and there's something down there-not huge, but there. Gross.

According to Dr. Mom, there ain't much I can do for it, besides pain relief (which isn't too bad, really, just annoying at times)-it has to resolve itself. Oh, yeah-and apparently I need more fiber in my diet. So today's food intake included Multi-Grain Cheerios, a toasted whole-wheat roll with peanut butter and some green apple slices.

Not looking forward to the next Poop Fest, that's for damn sure.

'Rroids SUCK.


Lut C. said...

That sounds uncomfortable. I hope it resolves itself quickly.

squarepeg said...

I must confess - I feel your pain. I've had one since grad school. Of course I thought it was rectal bleeding and went in for an emergency visit wherein the NP laughed and told me it was a roid. EMBARASSING. I've always eaten a fairly high fiber diet, so I don't know what the deal is. All I know is it's a huge bummer now since this damn bromocriptine is making me SO SO constipated.

Ahh. To have a kindred spirit in the pooper department ;)

Feel better soon!

cat said...

Damn so sorry to hear this. Know exactly what you are going through and how freaky it can be the first time it happens. Hope you heal quickly.

KIMMER said...

I think we post togethor on one of the IF boards... Not quite sure. Hope you get feeling better down stairs and glad you are sprung! Good luck with the upcoming FET!

Jessica said...

Dang! So sorry that you are so uncomfortable. Can't really relate but from what I've heard it's pretty awful.

Shelli said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry!

But um, NO WHITE FOOD - and sadly, that includes apples and banannas.

Pears are OK, but white food binds ya.

We have malka on watered down prune juice - would that work for you?


ilyse said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about that. Hope it heals soon.

ilyse said...
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