Monday, August 07, 2006

Props, and Hooray for Estrace!

I have officially been "cleared". I took my first Estrace tablet about two hours ago, with another one scheduled for later tonight. I'm on my way, people. And about bloody time, too.

As for my last post/webslap-that was WAY overdue, in my opinion. That was for every person who gave me retarted assvice, for every Fertile who didn't even try to understand. It was four years in the making, and, although it sucks to have to do it, it was necessary and cleansing, emotionally. So, I'm not sorry that I did it. It was done for all of us, really. It was the proverbial letting off of steam, in print form. And I feel a hell of a lot more centered and emotionally grounded now.

But, words cannot express how much you guys fuckin' ROCK out there in Bloglandia. I meant what I said-I AM proud to be a Barren Bitch and to be a part of this community. That's not to say that we all wish that we never had to be in our collective situations, or that we don't want to be "different" from other women; but, no matter how we ultimately have our children (or whether we have them at all), it is infertility that is a part of our being-like it, or not.

I've found more support here than within my own family and circle of friends. And it's a community of people that I've never physically met (with the exception of a few of you). It's just amazing how something like infertility (or any issue, really) can cause you to bond with women around the world, withough ever setting foot in front of each other. Just amazing.

Thank you, all of you-it's nice to know that you've got my back. And, know that I'll always have yours, no matter what.


StellaNova said...

Yay to that. I feel exactly the same way. Most people who know me in my real world couldn't possibly understand the depth of what we go through. And the community of blogging women at different stages of their journey ... that's what gives us the hope to keep going, the encouragement to get up again, and the knowledge that we're not alone.

Good luck with your new cycle.

Shelli said...

Honey, I always got your back!

And, you said it, sister!