Thursday, August 31, 2006

What Would You Do? *Updated*

I have a slight dilemma.

No, it's nothing serious, really-no spotting, no pain. In fact, I feel pretty frickin' good right now.

It's about whether or not I should cancel a twatotologist appointment.

I called for an appointment for my annual exam and pap smear way back at the beginning of July, and the first available appointment was for Tuesday, September 5th. Yeah, it sucks, doesn't it? It doesn't help that my twato is in a fairly busy practice, and he goes on vacation for two weeks in August. Oh, well.

Anyway, I made the appointment thinking that we'd have done this FET cycle already. I didn't figure that we'd be doing a syntethic cycle, or that it would've taken as long as it did. Now that we're in the (sort-of) two-week wait, I'm apprehensive about having him poking around down there before I know whether it worked or not. I called Big Important Clinic and spoke with Nurse Blondie, and she said that she didn't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to have a pap and exam, and that it shouldn't be detrimental But, I'm still unsure.

My instinct says to reschedule. Perhaps that's being overcautious, but I'd rather be that than too lax. And, I have to do it either today or tomorrow morning, as they require 24 hours notice for cancellations (and with it being a holiday weekend, I can't call on Monday).

So, what would YOU do?

--------------------------------------------------------------- *updated*

Thanks for the replies and for reassuring me that I'm not being paranoid. Twato's appt was duly cancelled this afternoon and rescheduled for the end of the month. Hopefully, though, it will become an OB appt.......

Thanks again-you guys rock!


Jessica said...

Perhaps I'm overcautious too, I'd reschedule. Even if it's just to give yourself a break down there!

Inglewood said...

I'd reschedule. I agree with Jessica, give yourself a break.

Jane (from FF) said...

If you haven't had a recent pap smear, they will do it at your first prenatal OB appoint (which I'm sure you'll have!). So just wait until then!

Anonymous said...

I would reschedule!!!

Lut C. said...

I vote reschedule too.

You don't want to irritate your cervix right now. No really. An intra-uterine device works as a contraception by irritating the cervix.
Now, I'm not sure a PAP smear does that, but you don't want to find out.

I am not a doctor, just another interested patient.

cat said...

Reschedule... that's what I'd do most certainly. I second Jane's remark, wait til the first OB appt. :)

Nickie said...

I'm in the same predicament. If my IVF goes forward and I get to ET, my pap is scheduled during my 2ww. I'll be moving it out, even if that means 3 mo. I figure when the IVF works (please, oh please) then I can make an OB appt, those are much easier to get anyway.

Anna said...

Wow, it appears to be unanimous! I say go with your gut - always. Reschedule. Like Jane said, they'll do a pap once this all works out (unless you're on progesterone capsules in the twato, inwhich case you'll have to wait until that's done (Happened to me, all was well).

Good luck and best wishes to you! Still keeping everything crossed for the 2 ww!

lola said...

I'm clearly late, but I would also have rescheduled! Better to have the peace of mind, you know? Right now just rest, eat some chocolate, and let those embies get nice and comfy.

Thalia said...

Glad you rescheduled. I would have done the same.

Hope you're feeling ok.

ilyse said...

You did the right thing.