Friday, October 15, 2004

Sound Advice for the Fertile-ly Challenged

Well, it's been a fair few days since my last post, but things have been busy...

I had to go to the twatotologist (AKA the gyno) for my annual exam on Tuesday-it was a nice change of pace to have someone new poke and prod my nether regions. Actually, he's pretty cool, as far as gyno's go-he's fairly young and really honest, which I can totally appreciate-I'd rather have someone tell it to me straight than sugar coat it (or, as my husband says "polish a turd", which sounds so much more appropriate). So, I was updating him on the saga of my reproductive organs, and he was the first person who actually gave me advice, rather than just telling us the facts while we're sitting there trying to process inordinate amounts of information in a 20 minute appointment.

It's not that I want someone to make decisions for me (my body, my decision, right?), but I'd like one person, for a change, to give me an educated opinion about all this info. His take was to forget the lap and go with the IVF. Of course, insurance being what it is, I don't have much choice where I can go if I want them to pay for it, which I'm fortunate they will-my state has mandated infertility coverage. So, when I'm talking to my gyno about what clinics are offered in my plan, I mention one place, XYZ clinic, and he recommended against it, but then asked me if a Dr. K was listed on my plan, which he was, and he said to go with him instead. He wouldn't go into details (probably because he didn't want to get sued for slander) but I trust him. Turns out, Dr. K is one of the first RE's to practice in my state, and is listed as one of the top docs in for this kind of thing......who knew? Now, I've just gotta get my shit together and call for a consult...

Shitty, rainy cold weather is abound today-it got worse as the afternoon wore on. Fall is definitely here-I just hope that winter is kinder than last year. The kids at school were also wackier than usual, which was starting to stress me out. I find that the only solution for that is some food that I know is really not good for me, since I'm normally careful about what I eat-so off I went to Taco Bell with two colleagues, scarfed down a couple of Taco Supremes, and taught the rest of the afternoon with serious agita-I actually called one of the girls after school to remind her to never listen to me again when I want crappy food.....*burrrrp*.....'scuse me....Where the fuck are those Tums?

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