Monday, October 18, 2004

Stupid People Shouldn't Reproduce

Why are people so fucking apathetic? Why can't they, when they are at work, perform their job to the best of their ability and not take their displeasure about life on their clientele?

For example, my mother in law had surgery on Columbus Day-a total knee replacement. Now, she is a nurse by profession, so she's aware of what goes on in a hospital setting. She previously discussed with the anesthesiologist that she wants to try the least amount of pain management possible post-surgery, so they gave her 2 Percosets when she was moved to her room. Naturally, that was about as effective as giving a band-aid to someone who just cut their jugular-I mean, she just had her leg sawed in half and had a prostethic knee put in there, what did she expect? So, the nurse she had was a total moron-it takes her 45 minutes to get the pills to her, then she doesn't come to check back on her. (I also found out later that, because she was too busy looking at the TV to see what was on Oprah, she spilled blood out of the drainage tube while checking it and didn't bother to put new sheets on the bed or give her a new blanket-gross). Needless to say, she's crying from the pain, so my brother-in-law gets pissed off and goes to find the nurse manager to complain. So, the nurse manager comes in and talks to my mother-in-law, and they finally get her some morphine.

So, this bitch (I will refrain from my usual "C" word that I'd normally say, but you know the word I mean) waddles back in (did I mention that she was pregnant-isn't that a fucking kick in th teeth?) with the morphine to put into her IV and basically blames my mother-in-law for not telling her that she was in pain. Finally, my mother-in-law (who is not normally rude) told this woman "Look, I am a nurse, and I know what to do for pain management protocol-you should have checked up on me"-so the bitch gets all pissy and told the charge nurse that her patient was a "problem". I told my mother-in-law not to worry about it, but to make it very clear to the staff that she is a nurse, so they'd treat her better. I mean, isn't it sad-shouldn't everyone who is in the hospital get the same above-standard treatment whle in there? And, this is from a large teaching hospital that is ampmg the best in our state. I'd make a complaint if I were her (she probably won't, though).

And, the sad thing was, since she was pregnant, she's not only apathetic, but breeding apathy in future generations. I'm not talking about the tiredness that pregnancy contributes to-this woman acted like it was a big chore to come in and actually check her patients, with all the eye-rolling, sighing, and tsking that accompanies it. It was a hassle asking her if we can get some ginger ale because my mother-in-law felt nauseous-it was like we were bothering her or something......
There are people out there who haven't worked for months, or years, through no fault of their own, because of layoffs, and they'd probably sell whatever they owned to get a decent job, and then there are the people who truly don't appreciate what they have....

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