Monday, June 20, 2005

Just like Shitting out a Watermelon

The weekend went pretty quickly, in my opinion.

Saturday we went out with our friends K and T to get some yummy Mexican, and then to see the new Batman. Sean and K had to tear it up afterwards, to point out the discrepancies, but I liked it overall. I think my new hottie man (sorry Orlando and Hugh) that I need to obsessive over has to be Christian Bale-holy shit, he's ripped and SEXY! Mmmmm........I could go for some of that.......

Where was I?

Oh, yeah......on Sunday we went in to the Met with G&A for a lecture series on Newport furniture makers of the 18th century-particularly Townsend and Goddard. I'm not a huge fan of antiques, so I zoned out after they started talking about dovetailing wood joints, but the boys enjoyed it. I decided to bag the last lecture and went wandering around the museum. I love the Met-it's such a great place. I actually went to see the Chanel exhibit and then wandered through the Egyptian and Greco-Roman sections by myself. We met up afterwards and went and got some eats and hung out.

I got a message from one of my friends whos wife just had their first baby-I think that I mentioned it, he's the one who was really super-sensitive about letting us know that they were having a baby-and she ended up having a c-section because their son (and I totally knew that they were having a boy, btw! I just knew it!!) was 9 lbs 2 oz! Holy Mother of God, it's like shitting out a watermelon! His wife told me that she actually gave birth to a two month old (hee hee!). Seriously, I am really happy for them-they're both very nice, caring people.

I also start the monitoring for my "mock cycle" this week. I've been POAS'ing (Peeing On a Stick) since for about five days now and putting it into the little computer monitor that I have-so far, I've been on "high" for about two days now. I go tomorrow for LH bloodwork, then on Wednesday more bloodwork and a cooter-cam (woot!), Thursday is just bloodwork and Friday is another bloodwork/cooter-cam combo (do you want fries with that, ma'am?). Hopefully I'll ovulate right on time-getting up early all week to be at the lab at 7am kinda sucks (especially if The Punisher is there-I'll end up looking like a junkie by Friday), considering that Friday's my first official day of summer break-so no sleeping in for me. I think that I'll go down the Shore afterwards on Friday for some sun and fun, especially at Martell's Tiki Bar (heh)......

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