Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sorta Crappy News

Well, I found out today that the board of education is changing our health insurance company, effective July 1st, from Oxford to Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Which, in itself, is not a total loss-more providers take BCBS than Oxford (and I've got the tenured/PPO plan, which a lot of docs take) here in NJ. Here's the problem, however-My FET is scheduled for sometime in July, and I'm going to be doing the monitoring this month. I'm afraid that there will be a lot of hassle with this, as to who pays what, what claims get sent to the wrong insurance, and I'll get the screwing of my life.....and it won't be done by someone hot, like Orlando Bloom-with my luck it will be done by some guy that looks like Jack Black. Luckily, since I've been insured as long as I've been with the district, I won't fall under a pre-existing condition, and my RE takes the new plan, but I need to talk to someone to see what's going on after July 1st.

ARRGH! Why does there have to always be a wrench thrown into something when it comes to my infertility?? Why can't it be easy, instead of filled with drama and constant insecurity?

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cat said...

Blargh... damn it all to hell. Why does infertility (which is fooking hard enough) have to be rife with more troubles. Hoping that the path becomes clear soon.

mmmmm.... Orlando Bloom.