Monday, June 13, 2005


School is finally winding down. Of course, I totally procrastinated and waited until the last minute to finish everything I needed to hand in. I hate doing that, but I also hate doing paperwork. Now it's just dealing with graduation ceremonies and trying to keep myself from killing the kids between now and next Wednesday. It's so fucking hot, it's unreal. It's funny, if I worked for a multi-million corporate conglomerate and in the conditions I'm currently in, I could sue and never have to work again. But, it's perfectly acceptable, in some dumb burecratic asshole's mind, to have teachers (and children) spend six and a half hours a day in a building that has no air-conditioning during 90+ degree heat. Unreal.

It's so hot outside. It's too hot to do any kind of work, too hot to eat. I like a sweaty, stinky, swampy mess. I'm obsessively doing the "pit check" on a regular basis to make sure that I don't reek. Yuck.

Aunt Flo has finally stopped using my uterus as a pinata and has become much more civilized. I've forgotten that she could be so mean. But, at least she won't have to come with us to Bermuda. Packing tampons and pads when you go on vacation really sucks. Although, last year they came in handy when I did a little visual demonstration for G&A about how tampons work. Holy shit, you should have seen their faces-it was hysterical.

Nothing else going on here. The weekend was busy. I had to cantor the early Masses (Sat night and early Sunday morning), so that took up a chunk of my time. We went to a barbeque and I got all sweaty and felt gross. I guess that's about it........

Oh, yeah, we finally got our HUD PMI refund for our first mortgage, so it looks like I'm getting my laptop!! Any recommendations on good brands to buy? I'm kind of leaning towards a Dell-it's easier to deal with because of school, since they just switched all their Mac's to PC. I don't want to spend a huge amount of cash, but I definitely want wireless hookup, so I can blog wherever the fuck I want. Any suggestions?


cat said...

Oh yah new computer. I like my Dell's at work. They are stable and Dell has been a pretty good company to deal with. Get the best service plan you can afford and then some. It's something a lot of people don't do and if you have any trouble having it is well worth the extra cash you put in up front.

Have fun on holiday when do you leave?

S said...

Thanks for the info-I really think that I'm gonna go for it-I'd love to have it before I leave for my holiday fun and frolic, but I need to be patient!

We leave on the 26th, so that's exactly 12 days from today....I'm not being obsessive, now, am I? ;)

Shelli said...

Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama.... :)


Have a Fabulous time darling.

And, um, we three chicks have to plan lunch in the city some time SOON!

S said...

I'm gonna pick out the most obnoxious friggin' magnet for you, my girl!

We will definitely we'll do lunch, especially since school is pretty much over-I'm free as of next Thursday--even dinner is good for me!