Monday, January 30, 2006

Achy Breaky Pelvis

Well, today is cycle day #1, again. Don't ask me what cycle-I stopped counting after 13 or so. It was too damn depressing to keep the tally up, if ya know what I mean.

This makes me have my period twice this month. I had my period on January 1st, now today (the 30th). It happens occasionally, since I'm usually a 28-30 day cycle kinda gurl. But still, it blows.

I've been having these pains recently in my groin/reproductive area, on both sides, for the past few days. Similar to those lovely mittelschmerz pains, but, of course, my egg popped out long ago, so it isn't that. It isn't to the point that I'm rolling on the floor in agony, but it's pretty damn uncomfortable. And, really, it isn't a stabbing pain, it's a constant, dull, nagging ache that radiates from my ovary-ish region down and out. But, it's annoying all the same.

So now I'm paranoid and convinced that I have endo. Of course, I know nothing about endo, but why the hell would I have achiness like that?? The only other thing that I can think of is that perhaps my crappy tubes are inflamed somehow and they're irritated. Of course, there's no real way to find that out, until I have the lap, so I'll just have to file that away under the title "Obsessive Reproductive Thoughts" and remember to ask that whenever I have my consult for the second opinion. Which will hopefully be soon-I sent the payment to get my medical records copied and sent out to me, so once I get them, then I can schedule the appointment.

All these burning questions will be answered in due time.



Dream Mommy said...

I hope everything turns out ok and you get some answers.

cat said...

May those questions all be answered and it not be endo. *hugs*

Lut C. said...

Look on the bright side, it might be appendicitis. ;-)

Don't mind me, my pet worry this week is that those twinges I'm feeling are just the beginning of appendicitis. And now I'm projecting it onto others.

I hope that second consult happens soon.

S said...

Heh........Lut, you've gotten a chuckle out of me with that one!!

Ilyse (FF) said...

S, Are you getting your second opinion at IRMS? I am going for my consult on 2/14. How funny would it be if we ran into each other there. I hope you get your answers.........and your baby soon!!! Btw, I am convinced that I have endo, no reason, just that I cannot conceive. Go figure.

thalia said...

I don't feel qualified to comment on US politics so thought I'd stick to something I know sthg about! It is v unlikely you have endo if it's never been discovered before and you've had a lap and stuff (sorry I can't remember if you have). It could be anything.

I hope that your next consult arrives speedily so you can get some good input.