Thursday, January 26, 2006

Scooby Doo and the Case of the Missing Medical Records

It seems that the medical records issue has been resolved.

I called my twatotologist's office and spoke to the woman "in charge" of medical records. Of course, when I called she had "just left for the day" (figures), and I had to call back the next day. I hate that. It's always my shitty luck to call for someone who's just walked out for the day. And, of course, being a teacher it's not like I can just call as soon as the office opens. Especially if they don't open until 10am. And close their office between 12:00-1:30pm for lunch. Jeez, how do they actually get anything done??

But, I digress. I called again on Wednesday, after school, and reached the aforementioned woman, who had a heavy accent and was difficult, at first, to understand. I explained that I was a patient in the practice, have been seeing an RE who was supposed to be sending copies of my medical records and I was checking to see if they were received. The woman had "to check the computer" and call me back, as they've been transferring their paper files to electronic. Half an hour later she called back, saying that they only got two pages from Dr. Vest. Hmmm......sounds strange, right? So, I called Dr. Vest's office and left a message for Nursey P, explaining the situation, and ended up playing phone tag until this morning. When I talked to her she told me that they sent over a lot more paperwork than two pages, and I had to tell her that I think that they lost some information in the conversion. We then agreed that I would pay a fee, they'd copy my entire chart, release it to me, and then I could copy and forward it on the the gyn's office-that way, if they fuck up again, I don't have to bother Nursey P. a gazillion times.

Also, it gives me the records, which I should have anyway. And, I can finally get down to getting that second opinion that I've decided on.

It seems that it's all falling into place-hopefully the momentum will last.

P.S. I've got "Oprah" on right now-it's a live show because of the whole James Frey book scandal. She's been ripping into the author and now the publisher about the apparent embellishments of the book. Holy shit-she is PISSED!! She's giving it out to them, saying that she's "embarrassed and disappointed". WOW.............and I totally don't blame her. It's just another example that people are fucked up.


thalia said...

Ugh. At least you now know that the admin at your 2nd opinion's office is crap. I hope they're better at the medical stuff.

Lut C. said...

Phone tag, that sounds like fun. NOT!

Twatologist, that's one for my collection. LOL!

I hope you get your hands on those records soon and a second opinion as well.

cat said...

So happy to hear you got the records issue worked out. May the momentum last and everything fall into place.

betty said...

I too am impressed with Twatoligist. Very fitting description!