Thursday, January 19, 2006

Old 200th

Hey, this is my 200th post! Whod've thought, right?

So, in honor of that, I added some goodies to the sidebar of my blog-I made an account with Bravenet and went a-downloading. So, post your pin there and let yourself be known!

I decided to call my regular gyno (also known as the "twatologist") to get a copy of all my records-I'll get both his and Dr. Vest's all in one shot. Yeah, I'm a wimp, but so be it. Then I just need to call IRMS to get an appointment-I'll ask my gyno which RE he recommends seeing (there are three, all women-whee!). I really don't want to put it off any more than I have to....

On the reproductive front, I've been having some pains in my ovarian region-last night it was pretty uncomfortable, like a throbbing ache that came and went (heh, I said "throbbing"-too bad it ain' t porn!) on both sides. I'm still a bit sore today as well. It makes me wonder if I have a cyst or two-apparently it's pretty common after you take fertility drugs, and you get pain in the second half of your cycle. If it still hurts I'll call the regular gyno on Monday to see what's up. It also makes me wonder if there isn't something else that's going on in the soupy mess that's my reproductive system-I guess that's what the lap would find out, right?

Jaysus, I must be bored today-I'm actually watching "Dancing with the Stars" and, well, LIKING IT. Shit. What's next-reality TV? Blech.

Happy Friday everyone-don't forget to put a pin in!

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betty said...

Ooh I didn't know about that throbbing pain meaning cysts. Yikes I get that all the time!

Happy 200th Girlie!!