Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The "State" of the Union

Dubya is a freakin' asswipe. If I had to hear "nucular" one more time I thought that I was going to reach into the T.V. and rip out the tube.

Why did I watch it? Well, there was nothing else on.

Although, I did like the flubs, especially when he was trying to say that he wanted to get AIDS patients "access to drugs", and tripped over his words, so it came out as "access to JUGS" HARHARHAHAR! I had a good giggle over that one.

Yeah, he's definitely a douchebag. It was just another example of glad-handing by our good 'ol boy. I did like the democrats getting up to applaud, however, when he tried to be a smug bastard about how Congress blocked his attempt "to save social security". Heh. Good one, Hillary. I love her. She rocks.

And, what of Justice Alito, Jersey Boy? Blech. We're so screwed with him on the bench. It's enough to make me revoke my New Jersey residency and call Seton Hall University to hand back my diploma.

Politics just SUCKS. Why can't they just cut through the bullshit and actually ACCOMPLISH something, instead of talk about it? It totally reminds me of working in corporate America-the management would always be "discussing" how they can "plan" changes. Sounded like a reason for a company-paid lunch or dinner out, IMHO. I guess things don't get much better, especially when it's the taxpayer's money that's being used.

Okay, enough with being aggravated-it's time for bed.


Shelli said...

I missed it, I was seeing a show.

Almost glad I did.

cat said...

It did suck... what's with all that standing and sitting anyway. It's like watching puppets.

Hillary *hurrah* did you see her smirking! Love her too.