Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sniffle Sniffle Snort Snort, Hack Hack

I've caught a cold. I'm actually astounded that I haven't caught one before now, considering I work with small children. Especially since they have a wonderful habit of sneezing or coughing into their hands, then try to give you a BIG hug or touch your hair. I love that.


I started feeling wonky yesterday afternoon-scratchy throat, stuffy head, achy. I stocked up on all those cold medicine goodies at the supermarket, came home and made a Shepherd's Pie (was okay), self-medicated with some NyQuil and crashed.

I had total "medicine head" all day today (from the NyQuil-it's mostly alcohol)-in fact, there was one point that I zoned out in class-I could see the kids moving their mouths, but it was like I couldn't hear any voices. Sheesh. I think that tomorrow will be a sick day. I can't afford to be like that with teaching Kindergarten classes all day long.

Anyway, I sent off my $25 check to Nursey P to get a copy of my records. It might be an interesting read, who knows. However, once I get them, I'll be making an appointment for a second opinion faster than shit out of a goose. I'm getting weary of my self-imposed infertility "vacation"; especially since there's no warm sun, sand, a cold drink or sex included.

I'm starting to feel as if life is passing me by, that if I'm not proactive, I'm wasting valuable fertility time. Then again, the past three and a half years has revolved around fertility issues, and I wonder if it's a case that I'm so used to this routine I now know no other way.

Sean says that I need to relax, that I'm pressuring myself too much. Perhaps, he's right (for a change!).

Yeah, a sick day is DEFINITELY in order for tomorrow-a "mental health" day as much as a physical health day.

Sounds nice.

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