Monday, February 27, 2006

The Entertainer

Sean and I went to see Billy Joel Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. I've seen him once before, while in college (also at the Garden), and I've forgotten just how fucking brilliant he is.

He did not play one crappy song-not one. He is certainly worth every penny that was shelled out. It was even better, considering the tickets were a Christmas gift from my brother, also known as "Mr. Mogul" or "APK (Alex P. Keaton, from Family Ties)-in-Training" around our house. My brother works for a huge pharmaceutical company in NJ, one of the largest corporations in the state (it begins with a "J"), in some managerial capacity. He makes shitloads of money-has the Beemer X5, has a tailor, gives lavish gifts for birthdays and know the type I mean.

Ewww......can you tell that my brother and I are total opposites? Yeah, like night and day. Hey, it's not like I'm not a label whore, but I'm perfectly happy shopping at Marshalls for labels. Not him. But, I digress....

Yesterday we had mass, then I went to a baptism for C's baby (the woman in choir who sits next to me, who just had her fifth child). She was so appreciative that we were there (me and E and her husband)-she knew that it was hard for me to be there, so it made me feel good.

Haven't done anything about the sex thing yet (although I have noted the suggestions!!). It would be nice if Sean was actually home more often to do something about it, but he's at crunch time for the two high school musicals that he's building (they both open in two weeks), so he's been a miserable crankpot. Hopefully once his schedule lightens up we'll try the horizontal mambo, I'll end up having that old whore AF show up........fucking bitch........

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Shelli said...


I saw Billy 3 tims - all in high school.