Thursday, February 02, 2006

Go On, Share the Love

Just wanted to send a hearty congrats to Shelli-she and her partner Narda are going to be proud mommies to a baby girl (my new niece*) in two weeks!

I've known them both for a while now-Shelli and I (along with Cat) were in a buddy group together on Fertility Friend. She's such a wonderful, warm and caring person, and I'm so glad not only to know her and Narda, but to be able to witness such joy and happiness. They totally deserve it.

Mazel Tov, girls-I can't wait to meet your daughter!

yes, Shelli.........I edited it-Sean and I are having a niece!! Hee hee!


Shelli said...

oh sweetie, thank you so much!

And don't owrry, there will be PLENTY of babysitting duty for you ahead, so you'll be a WELL certified auntie!


Shelli said...

Um, you should edit that to say you can't wait to meet your NIECE!

She will KNOW nad love her Aunties Cat and S.


S said...

Duly noted.........


Betty said...

Hi S, I have new site...come and say hello.
Thats great news about Shelli and narda. I have been reding Shelli's blog for some time but not recently. Woo Hoo!