Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Is No News Good News?

I haven't heard yet from the twato's office about yesterday's wanding festivities. It usually takes about 24 hours for them to get the results, so perhaps I'll hear back tomorrow.

The pain is still there, although it's not as fierce. Perhaps it's just pre-o pains.

The wanding was pretty funny, though. The Wand Monkey told me that my bladder was too full (wtf?) and I had to, ahem, "evacuate slightly" so my uterus wasn't so squashed. I actually had to go into the potty and pee for about 5 seconds, then stop the flow. It was definitely a lesson in self control, let me tell you. Unfortunately, even after that, it was apparently still too full. How that happened when I drank the requisite 40 oz of water at the appropriate time is beyond me, but whatever. Just call me "Princess Tiny Bladder", I guess.

The other slightly cool yet disturbing thing that happened is that the Wand Monkey, during the dildocam portion of the exam, turned on the sound at one point and I hear this thumping. I almost sat up because I had no idea what it was (and yes, the thought ran through my head that it was a baby's heartbeat), but she told me that it was the sound of the blood running through my ovaries. She seemed to listen to both sides, so whether or not she saw anything is another story. But, it was kinda creepy to hear, nonetheless.

So, there you have it. Once I hear more, I'll post an update.



Dream Mommy said...

Aww man! What a tease! I hope they are able to find you some pain relief soon.

Shelli said...

the thumping would freak me out...

So they didn't tell you what was going on WHILE you were in there? Did they let you see the screen?

I'd have strangled someone if I couldn't walk out of there knowing what was going on....

cat said...

Would have freaked me as well. Perhaps she should have uh... explained that first?

*fingers crossed* for good news.