Monday, February 06, 2006

Hooray for the Dildocam!

Apparently, the nurse/practitioner felt "something" on my right side, so she wrote out a prescription for a dildocam. I go tomorrow afternoon, 5:30pm.

I like this gal-really nice, put me at ease right away. My twato did a good thing when he hired her.

I also got a 'script for Anaprox to help with the pain. And yeah, ever since I got prodded it hurts even more-fun fun fun.

She seems to think that it "could" be a small cyst, compounded with the fact that I should ovulate within a week or so. We'll know by Wednesday, one way or another.


Lut C. said...

Good luck tomorrow. I hope your pain goes away soon.

Betty said...

Crikey, whats going on in there? You poor possum. Yah for Mr.Dildohead, he'll find the problem. Lovely (sarcastic). I'll be waiting to find out what it is.
Thanks for you lovely support. I'm glad you found me. It's ok to put me on your link list!

Shelli said...

yea dildo cam!!!!!

Dream Mommy said...

I hope the pain goes away and they are able to fix the problem.

hormonebitch said...

Hey...good luck...cysts are a real bitch. Hey...can you tell me how to get people on my blog site?? Like you have people listed? My blog is hormonebitch...big surprise. My email is!

cat said...

Good luck today. Will be thinking of you and hoping for good news.