Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bleh-What a week.

Yeah, I'm still here. There really hasn't been much to write about.

No, that's really not totally true-there has been a lot, but it's work related and I swore that I wouldn't post about anything job related just in case. In a nutshell, things at one of my schools is getting out of control, there is no admin support and it's becoming a toxic environment. My director won't transfer me, so, it's either deal with it or look for a job in another district.

You know it's bad when an para tells you that the principal told her that "in our school there are three groups: 'my' girls, Mr. VP's 'girls', and the group that nobody else likes".

Nice, huh? Can you guess which group I'm in? Can you? Let's just say that I'm not anyone's "girl". Not that I care anyway. I'm not one for being in a group-I like it my own way.

Needless to say, it's been stressful at the jobfront. I'm not really in the position right now to get a job in another district, not with infertility treatments looming over us. As a tenured teacher, I'm in a much better position when it comes to this-if I were non-tenured and doing IVF, I'd probably be let go at the end of the year due to numerous absences. Plus, I want to finish my graduate degree (only 20 credits-three semesters-to go); that way, I'm more marketable when looking for a new job (and I can get more money). Sigh.........just another worry to add on to the pile.

Be back later-we're going to the mother-in-law's for a belated Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner (I can't stand the stuff....must be the Italian in me)-can you tell that I'm excited?

I'd rather poke a badger with a spoon right now, actually.


Lut C. said...

Corned beef? The smell of it alone! Can't stand it. Why not some nice Spam TM.

Manuela said...

BLECH!!! Now maybe if it were sauerkraut...

Job stuff... um... yah... can SOOO relate, girlfriend!!