Friday, March 10, 2006


I've decided to start something weekly, just for fun. Some people are doing the Photo Friday thing (which looks pretty cool-once we get the new desktop I'll have to start to participate), so I thought that perhaps I'll also do something.

It's going to be called the "Fuck You, Jobu!" Award. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, there's a prior post I did about my buddy Jobu. So, it's for that special someone out there who's pissing you off, whether it be a boss, friend, enemy, or a general all-around asshole. You can award it to whoever or whatever in your life pisses you the fuck off. Yeah, it's childish, but I guarantee screaming "FUCK YOU, JOBU!!!" a few times will make you feel better (if not, some Valium might be sufficient) and give you a little giggle.

I thought that this first award should go to to Mr. Sensitivity himself, Joe Issacs, RESOLVE President and CEO, for this interesting little interview which appeared in Newsweek. Supposedly, Mr. Issacs contends that his remarks were taken "out of context". Riiiight........

He pretty much said that younger women undergoing IF have infertility problems (which I guess I am, since I started trying this bullshit when I was 29) because they drink, smoke, are promiscuous, and are overweight. That's akin to saying that old adage, pre-Kinsey, that kissing would make you pregnant. What a freaking retard. If that were true, I'd be able to populate a small country by now, and I'd be picking my uterus up off the floor from overuse.

Now, that's not to say that there was total untruth in the article. Yeah, there are much more infertilte women, and infertile younger women, in society today. But, isn't it also true that the testing methods today as opposed to even 10 years ago are more sophisticated? It took my grandmother (my dad's mom) seven years to get pregnant with my dad, who's an only child due to miscarriages afterwards. And, that was almost 70 years ago, when there was basically no way to know why people couldn't get pregnant. Medical testing has gotten so sensitive that you can tell 5 days before your period is due whether or not you're up the pole, so why, pray tell, wouldn't we be able to diagnose infertility issues earlier in women?

What about the women, like me, with tubal infertility? Yes, many cases of tubal infertility are caused by undiagnosed STD's, but not in my case. I remember distinctly asking Dr. Vest about that, and he said that a lot of tubal cases are as simple as an undiagnosed bowel infection, ruptured appendix, or any kind of infection or disease that is resistent to antibiotics. And, that's not even getting into genetic or congenital disorders. So, Joe, are you implying that a 25 year old with uterine/tubal abnormalities who got it from a mother or grandmother who took DES is at fault? What about Premature Ovarian Failure? PCOS? Secondary Infertility? Environmental factors? Paleeze.....

Maybe I'm overreacting, but it's like telling a woman who was date-raped that she "brought it on herself". How neandrathal is that? And, people, this guy is the PRESIDENT AND CEO OF A NATIONAL INFERTILITY GROUP. Un-fucking-belivable. They should nail his balls to the wall after that fiasco. I almost fell over when I read the article. It's a slap in the face of every woman and man (because, yeah, there are infertile men too) who have gone through hell and back to have a child. And, I think that it's sad that there are so many people who have actually given money to this organization to help other infertiles, when their own president has such ass-backwards thinking. And, didn't try to do enough damage control when the article first came out. Just blamed the media, saying that he was misquoted. Boo-fucking-hoo.

Regardless as to whether or not the article was written out of context, the fact remains that he, as the public face of an organization, needs to be extremely careful that what he says in public can't be misconstrued. Many people have preconceived (heh, there's that word again....) notions about the hows and whys of infertilty, and this guy just validated them all. Yeah, let's try to lobby for the Family Building Act in Congress now, folks. Like those Senators and Congressmen who are against it won't be using that article as fuel for their fire.

Yeah, I smoked, years and years ago. I socially drink. I'm not (and never did) sleep around or got an STD. And, the 10 or so pounds I put on is due to fertility medication. So, what's my excuse for not having children? I guess I'm not the "norm", according to the article.

So, Joe, a hearty "FUCK YOU, JO(E)BU" goes out to you and your stupidity. Hopefully none of these infertiles will ever find out where you live, otherwise I'm sure you'll have tons of dog shit on your doorstep.

Now, go out and get me another carton of Marlboro's while I finish this case of beer and bucket o' wings before the merchant marines get here for a good 'ol time later. Oh, yeah, don't forget to get the Trojans, either-I want to preserve my fertility, dammit!


cat said...

I read about this idiotic statement and I say a certain fuck you to him.

It is insulting and thoughtless in any context.

ilyse said...

OMG what a moron!!! He is definitely deserving of that award!

Shelli said...


I am SO not renewing my subscription!

Ass wipe.

thalia said...

Yup, the comments sound ridiculous. It does also sound as if the comments were taken out of context, but there is something about being really careful about what you say when you're in that kind of role.

Betty said...

Yeah fuck him. What an arse.
Great idea by the way! Fuck Jobu day, that should be a public holiday.

UtRus said...

jeezus - that Joe Issacs is an ASS. there should be no judgement on women who have IF problems due to STDs or anything else. that's crazy.

who cares why a person (man or woman) ends up with IF. the point is, they need resources to fix it if it can be fixed. it's like saying we shouldn't provide any health care for people who smoke (or smoked when they were younger) or people who eat any saturated fat or people who drive cars and get into wrecks. these things ALL carry known risk! so does having sex. i would like to kick that guy in the balls.

Beagle said...

Delurking to say:

There just should not be a man in charge of an infertility organization. Just my humble sexist opinion.

I know there are a few good men, but in general even the ones we love don't "get" infertility.

Put a woman in charge of Resolve and I'll join.