Monday, March 06, 2006

Life Just Sucks

Today, I go to my crap school, and my friend, the art teacher, tells me that she's 10 weeks pregnant.


But, I was glad that she told me privately, before she told the rest of the faculty. It still felt like a knife in my heart, though.

So, now that's two people that I know. One is a friend of mine who's pregnant after a miscarriage. She doesn't know that I know yet, but I saw it on a board I frequent, so I'll wait until she feels comfortable telling me. Well, they say that these things come in "threes", who's the third?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! GOTCHA!!!!!! That was fucking funny. And, it's not even April Fool's Day yet!!

Whew *wiping eyes*..........Rule Number 1-Don't Blog when you've had a lot of red wine.

In other poonanny-related news-my consult for my second opinion at Big Important Clinic is scheduled for April 4, 2005, at 10 am. Perhaps I'll finally get some answers.

Yeah, right.

Can you tell I'm a cynical bitch? Must be that I'm still waiting for the old bitch to show up. My cycles have been a little long since failed IVF#2. I'm now on cycle day 36, and I think that perhaps it should be here within a day or so. Maybe, since I've had the equivalent of three years worth of eggs sucked out of my ovaries, I'm going through early menopause. My mom started the 'pause at 37 (she just finally ended it last year at age 54), so it's not totally inconceivable.

Heh-I made a funny.........."inconceivable". How appropriate.

Gotta go and pass out now-don't want to be hung over for school tomorrow.



hormonebitch said...

Hang in there!!! Good things do come in threes!

nosouthernbelle said...

I'm quite certain you didn't mean that post to be as funny as it was. I know upsetting it is when everybody you freakin now turns up pregnant with their damn second child while you are still working on your first! Grrr. Anyway, glad to hear you have some humor about the situation though. Lord knows we need it.

Shelli said...

Drunk blogging is the BEST kind.

Love you,

cat said...

You lush you. *wink*

Hope you are having a better day today.

thalia said...

You can blog drunk all you like as far as I'm concerned. This is funny. Sad, but also funny.
Btw I don't think IVF hastens menopause. You recruit around 100 follicles in an average cycle, it's just that most of them don't make it. IVF makes sure that they do.