Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I did'n do it.......I was dead at the time

Heh-you all are funny. I really didn't mean the last post to be funny-it was just stream-of-consciousness writing. I reread it today and laughed my ass off, though. It's like "drunk dialing" a former boyfriend, but it's put down for posterity.....

Well, there was no hangover today. Which is unfortunate because:

(1). That means I didn't drink nearly as much as I should have, and
(2). It doesn't excuse the shit-ass mood I was in today at school.

I gave 7 kids detention today, because, well.........they were acting like assholes. Typical third-graders acting like kindergarteners (actually, my kindergarteners don't act like they do). I teach in a "cafetorium", which is a cafeteria by day and, when special events allow, an auditorium when needed. So, I teach on the stage all day (except for lunch periods-could you imagine?), and the kid sit on the stage, legs (ideally) folded. I'm usually pretty strict about this, since I'm supposedly teaching singing, and you can't properly sing while lying on your belly, right? I gave one girl detention because she was lying all over the floor of the stage while I was teaching a lesson, like she was watching reruns of "Full House". Fuck that. She was pissed (I heard the famous "I din' do it!" or "Wha' I do?" about three hundred times today), but I could care less.

The other kids got detention because they got snotty with me. I definitely don't take that shit. Especially not from 8 and 9 year olds. So, they're screwed. And, I felt better since I got to yell and scream at them, because, in general, the third graders are lazy as hell. Heh.

Otherwise, I'm still in a shit-ass mood. Tonight, I'm meeting a friend from college for dinner and drinks. I haven't seen her since September, and I miss her-she's so funny and smart and gorgeous -seriously. When we were in school we hated going out with her to the local hangouts because, compared to Irene, we were the ugly step-sisters. The boys literally tripped over themselves trying to get to her, with her strawberry-blond hair, big boobs, petite figure and green eyes. Plus, she's a dirty-birdie-she once shaved her pubes in the shape of a heart for a boyfriend as a Valentine's Day present. Heh-my kinda woman.

I'll update more when I get home (probably drunk again). You guys rock.

P.S. I think I got my period-at least, it looks strangely like a period, minus cramping..........we'll see if this is actually the real thing this time and not a dress rehearsal.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Eddie Izzard!

S said...

Heh.........glad someone got it!

Eddie Izzard Rocks!

"Cake or DEATH!?"........"Um.....cake, please!"

Thalia said...

Sounds like those third graders are going to know who's boss. I'm impressed.

Manuela said...

Man... I could do with a class-load of 8 years old right now... I could vent on them instead of my boss!

cat said...

Most certainly cake!