Saturday, August 04, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Mood Swings


So far, so-so.  The Menopur is....uh, interesting.  Mixing up the vial makes me feel all cool and scientific, as if I'm channeling my inner doctor, but the medicine stings WORSE than FolliSTING.  Serrriously.  Plus pushing in 1CC of it is a little daunting and freaks me out, but there's nothing I can do but grin (sting) and bear it.  It makes the FolliSTING injection a breeze compared to the Menopur.  Luckily I'm on a small dose of each (75IU-or one vial-of Menopur and 50IU of the Follistim) so it's not horrific.  Of course the first day I hit a vessel with the Menopur, which was not welcome, but otherwise, it's been okay.

Mood swings are back in force.  Holy SHIT....I was spoiled with the donor cycle because I completely blocked from my brain the mood swings and the edginess I feel on stims.  Yesterday Sean was lucky that I didn't kill him, and being touched in any way, shape or form sets my teeth on edge-and I mean a simple hug makes me feel claustrophobic right now.  I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin, and it ain't gonna get any better.  I'm going to assume that either it's the Menopur (which I've never taken) or I've had some sort of amnesia because I don't remember it being this bad before.

I also had to freeze my gym membership and training sessions, for this month, on advice from Nurse Blondie-with my history of OHSS, and the fact that without BIC paying for 90% of the cycle (I'll explain that in a minute), I'm not about to take any chances. The only sucky thing is that it's a stress release for me, so it would actually help in terms of the edgy feelings, but there's no point in paying for this month if I can't do a whole hell of a lot.  It doesn't help that it's hotter than a witch's tit in an iron bra outside, so the few things I CAN do (walking) aren't exactly enticing right now.  I do have some 10lb barbells so I might try to get something in.  Hopefully the heat will break and then I can go for a walk in the park, or else I'm afraid that I'm going to end up staring at Sean in the middle of the night like that possessed chick from Paranormal Activity.  How's THAT for a visual, folks?

Follicle check #1 tomorrow morning.  Here's to hoping that there's a good batch brewing!