Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Went to the RE this morning, again. Everything is set for Friday, at 10:30 am.

I voiced my growing concern for developing OHSS-he said that he was also concerned, and that he will be monitoring me closely after the retrieval. Unfortunately, because I am considered young by IVF standards, I have more of a risk of developing OHSS. I just don't want to go through all this and not make it to transfer-that would be devastating.

So, here's the plan for tonight-I felt like looking incredibly trilingual, which I'm really not (I can understand and read in Italian, but I can't speak it as well as I should, and I was bored, so I found an online translator and put it into Latin), but I'll translate it anyway, in case you're as bored as I am right now:

Mio natiche testamento essere pugnalata stanotte a 10.30 da un enorme siringa.
this one is pretty straightforward-"My butt cheek will be stabbed tonight at 10:30 with a huge syringe".

And, even though I should be preferential toward the Italian (considering I am one), I had a little giggle about the Latin translation and had to share it, since there are some words, like "syringe", that cannot be translated exactly. So, instead of translating word-for-word, you have to find a similar word or phrase:

Magnus anus letifico ero ictus is vesper per unus ingens telum.
"I will be piercing my large ass cheek tonight with a huge spear".

Kinda appropriate, right?

Tonight Sean and I (he took the day off today) will go out for a nice dinner, then my mother-in-law will be coming over later to do the honors-I'm gonna try to ice the shit out of my butt, to make it numb. Hopefully it won't hurt too much, it's only 1 cc of fluid in the syringe. Yeah, riiiight........

I'm nervous and excited all at once-it's really happening! The countdown to Friday has begun!

There's no going back now.


Shelli said...

you go girl! Trigger shot ain't that bad - just think of WHY you are doing this, and it will be easy! It hurts for like MAYBE 2 seconds! Love ya baby!


cat said...

LOFL! on the Latin. Perfect description.

Good luck tonight and I'll be rooting for you on Friday.

S said...

Thanks ladies-you are the bestest!!

Muchos besos!