Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Easter Egg Hunt

I went in for the dildocam this morning. I got there at around 11am (that's when my appointment was) and had to wait until almost 11:45 to see the tech.

She was very nice, by the way...she actually let me see everything that was in there, and pointed out all my innards.

So, at last count, there are 13 follicles on my left side, and 11 on the right. It looks like the biggest one is around 2.3 cm, which converts to 23 mm...........I think that it's safe to say that I'll be taking the HCG butt shot soon. My ovaries are so large that they're actually sitting right next to each other. It definitely explains why I'm so bloated and uncomfortable, and why the dildocam wasn't exactly pleasant.

They got my blood results in this morning. I called Nursey P and she told me that they were there, but the wanted the results of the ultrasound before they called me. Nursey P said that she wouldn't be in the office this afternoon (they close early on Tuesdays), but that the RE was coming in this afternoon for the results and that he would call me personally with instructions.

Please please please let him call with good news........

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cat said...

I'll second that please please please!
*fingers crossed*